The Increasingly Depraved Negotiations For Gilad Shalit

You will note on the bar to the right that Gilad Shalit has now been imprisoned, with no contact by anyone outside of Hamas, for 1821 days. The last month has seen a number of hopeful indications that he might be released soon. The essential deal seems to be 1000 Hamas prisoners in Israeli prisons for Gilad.  According to reports this past week, the deal has been approved by Hamas’ political wing but rejected by Hamas’ military wing.

This is good-cop/bad-cop negotiations taken to a morally sickening level (which is of course unsurprising given the morally debased nature of Hamas). Hamas’ military wing is under the direct supervision of its political wing. If you ever doubted this, recall the latest spate of Qassams and Grads being fired out of Gaza. When Hamas politicians wanted this firing stopped, it stopped.

If Hamas politicians wanted Gilad released, he would be released.

But why should Hamas release Gilad when it is continuing to wring concessions out of anybody involved in the negotiations for Gilad’s release. The newest batch of European ‘incentives’ being offered by the French and Germans includes political recognition of the Hamas government in Gaza–which would in turn allow European businesses to invest in Gaza.

So do you get this? Hamas terrorists kidnap an Israeli soldier, barbarically hold him without any contact with the outside world for almost five years, and win political recognition for their barbarism. Disgusting. And the Europeans, under the guise of doing all they can to free that soldier, cut a deal with the terrorists which gives their businesses access to a new market.

Meanwhile, Gilad Shalit languishes in some hellhole waiting for more concessions to be offered to Hamas.

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