Terror Planned For Israel On Land, Air, And At Sea.

Iranian missile silo with Shahab 3 missile

Terrorists are always planning to attack Israel.

Israel’s Security Agency Shin Bet, working in coordination with the IDF, has arrested scores of PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) terrorists over the past two weeks. Making the announcement yesterday, Shin Bet said that the terrorists’ plans included kidnapping IDF soldiers, shooting attacks at soldiers and Jewish community members near Ramallah, and bombing a hotel in Jerusalem. Many of the terrorists had previously been imprisoned in Israel.

At the same time yesterday, Iran released video footage of some of its underground ballistic missile silos for its Shahab 3 missiles. With a range of over 2000 km, Israel finds itself squarely in the Iranian crosshairs. Tal Inbar, head of Israel’s Space Research Center at the Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies in Herzliya, had this to say: “The silos look fairly sophisticated and by unveiling them, the Iranians are trying to show the world that their missiles are protected even if the country is attacked.” Inbar further commented that other countries with missile silos used them strictly for missiles equipped with nuclear warheads and not for conventional ballistic missiles.

And as all of these reports were being broadcast yesterday, the latest fauxtilla is now sailing toward Israel. The IDF has received reports that there will be attempt to kill IDF soldiers who board the vessels. IHH members have apparently readied chemical weapons in the form of sacks filled with sulfur to pour on soldiers and then set aflame.

When the IDF commandeers the boats of the fauxtilla and brings them to the port here in Ashdod (about 5 km from my house), your humble servant hopes to be there to record the event.

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