News Flash! Israeli Elite SEALS Violently Attack Docked Irish Fauxtilla Ship: None Killed, None Injured, Propeller Shaft Damaged!

The Irish ‘Humanitarian’ Yacht Saoirse: Left High and Dry This Morning

The Blarney Stone (authored by Denise Rodgers)

In the Village of Blarney, there’s one magic stone.
They say when you kiss it, you’re put in “the zone.”
You talk and you gab and your words are so glib
That it matters not least if it’s truth or a fib.
So it’s lie through your teeth or its truth that you own.
It’s all in the gift of the kissed Blarney Stone.

The Irish do indeed have a gift for the blarney.

Several days ago, we had the spectacle of Irish Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore having his strings pulled by the chair of the Ireland-Palestinian Solidarity Committee (IPSC), Freda Hughes, who bombastically wrote the FM: “It is our belief that the member states of the European Union, including Ireland, have failed in their responsibility towards the protected people of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and in particular towards the people of Gaza.”

Good puppet that he is, Gilmore immediately summoned Israeli Ambassador Boaz Moda to his office and berated him about last year’s ‘humanitarian’ fauxtilla: “The Gaza blockade [is] unjust and counterproductive and the violence that marked last year’s flotilla venture was completely unacceptable and unjustified.”

More than this, Gilmore hollowly threatened “serious consequences” should Israel intercept ships in any way that “endangers the safety of our citizens or other participants.”

Yesterday it was Irish PM Enda Kenny’s turn. Speaking before the lower House of the Irish Parliament, Kenny bloviated: “I would call upon the Israeli government not to take any action that would in any way cause injury or harm (to those on the flotilla).”

Kenny’s pro-Hamas blarney continued: “I have every sympathy with the people of Gaza. I have been there, I have met with group leaders, I have met with professional people who have been unable to give of their best by being able to travel outside Gaza.”

This morning the issue of Irish ships and passengers being intercepted by Israeli commandos at sea became moot. The ludicrously named Irish ship “Saoirse” (Gaelic for ‘freedom’) has been left high and dry by propeller damage.

But that hasn’t stopped the blarney. According to a story in the Irish Times, Fintan Lane, the national coordinator of the ‘Irish Ship to Gaza’ organization, said that the ship would not be able to sail as it had been “dangerously sabotaged.”

With no evidence to back up his allegations whatsoever, Lane was nonetheless eager to blame elite Israeli navy SEALS: “They put divers under the boat who cut a piece out of the propeller shaft.” More than this, he proclaimed that that Israel was guilty of a “violent attack” on the lives of those aboard (never mind that they were all apparently in port having a pint when the alleged attack took place). He said pictures detailing the damage to the ship would be published by the campaign today during a press conference in Dublin.

You talk and you gab and your words are so glib
That it matters not least if it’s truth or a fib.

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