The Spoiled Vacationers on the Fauxdacity Come Face To Face With The Real World

The fauxtilla saga continues as the spoiled vacationers on the Fauxdacity of Hope have begun to realize what they have gotten themselves into.

The Fauxdacity is now impounded at a Greek military base, and the Fauxdacity captain has been arrested on charges of trying to leave port without permission and of feloniously endangering the lives of the Fauxdacity’s passengers.

Yesterday’s tweets and videos coming from the boat further underscore the delusional mindset of those onboard.

Tweet 1: “As [Greek] commandos point their weapons, passengers are singing ‘we shall overcome’ in the middle of the Athens Sea.” [I wonder if they were singing in Greek so the commandos could understand.]

Tweet 2: From the token ‘sort-of’ Israeli-American onboard (see below): “[The Greeks] arrived with machine guns. It was quite scary. They seemed ready for a fight. The commandos looked threatening, they wore helmets and their faces were covered.” [Who would have imagined that in response to the Fauxdacity’s attempt to break the law that commandos would appear– carrying machine guns, wearing helmets, and covering their faces?]

Tweet 3: “We were forced to go back to a Greek port surrounded with bars and barbwire.” [A Greek port? Bars and barbed wire sound a little more ominous.]

Tweet 4: “They are not letting us out. They took us back to a military dockyard and let the journalists disembark. I don’t know what they’ll be doing with us.” [Those journalists didn’t waste time jumping ship–but don’t worry, the American government will bail you out sooner or later.]

Recorded on video by the token ‘sort of’ Holocaust survivor onboard (see below): “I’m hurting, I’m sad, I want to go to Gaza.” [My feet hurt; I’m depressed; I want to go home!]

I thought I would give you a sampling of the passengers now spending their ruined summer vacation on the Fauxdacity (names redacted):

N.A.:  Vietnam war protester from Woodstock, NY who counseled prospective soldiers on how to dodge the draft. A member of Jews Say No!

M.B.: Cofounder of CODEPINK

G.B.: MFA in theater and mother of two Palestinian/American children

H.B.: Token ‘sort of’ Israeli-American onboard–left Israel permanently in 1977. Member of the BDS movement.

R.C.: African-American co-founder of the Black/Jewish Dialogue Group of Marin County, CA, and proud participant in the Durban Racism Conference

E.D.: Practitioner of Acupuncture and Qiqong, works with his local Native American Rehabilitation Association

L.D.: “Freelance cultural explorer”, member of Another Jewish Voice and CODEPINK

D.E.: Employee of UC Santa Cruz “My motivation to participate in the flotilla comes from the human capacity to love.”

H.E.: Token Holocaust survivor (sort of) onboard: Lived in England during WWII courtesy of a kindertransport–her parents remained in Germany and died during the Holocaust

S.F.: Member of the Industrial Workers of the World, Amnesty International, and Workers Solidarity Alliance

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