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Israeli Children Waving the Israeli flag and Singing The National Anthem Hatikvah: Fascist Behavior?

Israeli Children Waving the Israeli flag: Are These Children Fascists?

Do you want to know why the Israeli left has fallen into such disrepute? So low in fact that the Knesset now wants to investigate the funding of left-wing organizations (PM Netanyahu has come out against such an investigation this morning but will ‘allow’ members of the coalition to vote for or against the proposal next week as they see fit).

Take the simple example of a recent guideline issued by the Israel Education Ministry. Beginning at the start of the school year in September, all kindergartens in the ‘Jewish’ sector will be required to raise the Israeli flag on the first day of the school week and have their kindergartners sing the national anthem, ‘Hatikvah’. Not every day–just once a week–and schools in the ‘Arab’ sector are not being required to follow the guideline.

Also, teachers will be expected to teach the meaning of state symbols such as the flag and anthem once a week. The goal is that by the end of the school year all kindergartners will understand what the flag stands for and be able to sing the anthem.

I imagine that many of you are surprised that raising the Israeli flag and singing the Israeli national anthem does not already take place in Israeli schools. But what is the response of members of the Israel ‘left’ to such an innocuous guideline meant to instill patriotism in Israel’s children?

“It looks like a competition between members of the Likud to see who can push us faster into the arms of fascism . . .” Professor Gabi Solomon of the University of Haifa, Israel Prize Laureate for Education.

“Instead of wrapping [newborn] babies in a white sheet, they should wrap them in an Israeli flag, and hang Israeli flags over every bassinet, and make sure that in the delivery room they play ‘Hatikva’ in the background.” Professor Yaron Ezrahi, political scientist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

“Israeli Education: Molding Fascists One Student At A Time”: the title of an op-ed written by Zvi Bar’el, Middle Eastern Affairs Analyst for left-wing Haaretz newspaper.

Back to my original question: why has the Israeli left fallen into such disrepute? Because it works fervently at every opportunity to undermine the state of Israel.

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