Extreme Norway: Disingenuous Hothouse of Pro-Palestinian Fervor

Norwegian union members celebrating the passage of BDS boycott sanctions against Israel

Norwegian union members celebrating the passage of BDS boycott sanctions against Israel

The Norwegian Foreign Minister, Jonas Gahr Store, met with Mahmoud Abbas yesterday and announced that the Norwegians would upgrade the Palestinian mission to Norway to the status of ’embassy’ and the Palestinian representative to ‘ambassador.’ At a press conference afterwards, Store’s disingenuity knew no bounds.

Concerning the proposal for statehood the Palestinians will bring to the United Nations in September, Store hilariously proclaimed: [Norway] will consider very carefully the proposed text that’s to be put forward by the Palestinians in the coming weeks.”

Consider very carefully? What a joke. This is the same Foreign Minister Store who just last year praised a book that described Israel’s Operation Cast Lead intrusion in Gaza as “a monstrous, systematically implemented and comprehensive massacre.” It is the same Store who stood in a press conference in Israel and defended Norway’s awarding of a medal of literature to a man who was a notorious Nazi sympathizer in World War II. Store’s comments on that occasion were simply that one must separate a man’s failed political beliefs from his literary ability.

The bottom line is that in the wake of the failed Oslo Accords, the Norwegian government through its actions and deeds has spent the last decade doing all it can to promote anti-Israel hatred and to support the corrupt Palestinian Authority.  

The following information,which details in paraphrase where some Norwegian money goes, is taken from NGO Monitor:

Selected Norwegian NGOs ‘Operating’ in the West Bank and Gaza

  • NPA: Norwegian People’s Aid  receives over 100 million Norwegian Krone (NOK) per year.  NPA accuses Israel of war crimes and promotes the ‘Stop The Wall Campaign’ in Norway, NPA also supports numerous elements of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.
  • NORWAC –receives funding from the Norwegian government ostensibly to provide health-care services in partnership with the Palestinian Ministry of Health. After Cast Lead, NORWAC affiliated doctor Mads Gilbert,  noted that Israel deliberately targeted children in Gaza and had the intention of killing “90 percent of the civilians.”
  • Norwegian Refugee Council – NRC regularly gives large sums to the “Palestine Territories,” all of which is provided by the Norwegian government. Most of these funds are used to perpetuate programs that instill ‘victimhood’ among the population.

Selected Palestinian NGOs Funded through Norwegian Representative Office

  • Al Mezan – Lists Norway as a “core donor.” During the Gaza war, Al Mezan issued numerous press releases, including allegations of “Israeli massacres,” “slaughtering civilians,” “scandalous war crimes,” and “despicable disregard to civilian life.”
  • Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) PCHR regularly refers to rocket attacks on Israeli civilians as “resistance.” PCHR is a leader in bringing  cases against Israeli political and military officials for “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity.”
  • Miftah Described Israel as an apartheid state, has referred to suicide bombers as “resistance activists,”  and was active in Durban.

Selected Israeli NGOs Funded By the Norwegian Government

  • B’Tselem:  While widely considered Israel’s premier human-rights organization, B’Tselem has faced serious criticism for its misrepresentations of international law, inaccurate research, skewed statistics (including casualty lists), and selective coverage of violations against Israelis.
  • Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI): PCATI has accused Israel of inflicting indiscriminate damages on the Palestinian population and intentionally targeting Palestinian medical personnel.
  • HaMoked HaMoked regularly accusesIsrael of “war crimes” with only a token reference to Hamas’ “sporadic” rocket fire against Israel civilians.
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