The Sickening Case of Mustafa Dirani: Yet Another Example Of Why The Way Judges Are Chosen In Israel Must Change

Why is Hezbollah terrorist Mustafa Dirani smiling today?

Why is Hezbollah terrorist Mustafa Dirani smiling today?

Mustafa Dirani.

Think back to October 16, 1986. Israeli Pilot Yishai Aviram and his Weapons Officer, Lieutenant Ron Arad, were on a bombing run in their F-4 Phantom II over PLO targets in Sidon, Lebanon.   A bomb they dropped exploded just as it left the airplane causing irreparable damage and forcing the two crewmen to eject. Hours later Aviram was rescued by an Israeli Cobra helicopter, but Arad was captured by members of the Lebanese militia, Amal.

The head of Amal security, Mustafa Dirani, took charge of Arad and brought him to Beirut where he was imprisoned and tortured. Subsequent letters written by Arad and photos of him proved that he was still alive. Year after agonizing year passed and no further word was ever received. In 1994,  Israeli commandoes captured Dirani and brought him to Israel to find out what he knew about Ron Arad.

While being interrogated, Dirani revealed that on May 4, 1988, he had sold Arad to Hezbollah for $300,000 and that Hezbollah had then turned him over to Iranian Revolutionary Guards who were operating in Lebanon.  Dirani remained in Israeli prison until 2004 at which time he was released as part of a prisoner swap. Before leaving Israel, he filed a 6 million shekel (at the time 1.3 million dollars–now 1.7 million) suit against the Israeli government alleging that he was tortured and sodomized.

Subsequent information gathered by Israeli intelligence showed that Ron Arad had probably died in Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley sometime between 1995 and 1997 after being refused medical treatment for a grave physical illness.

Meanwhile, Mustafa Dirani has returned to his normal life in Lebanon, his normal life as a Hezbollah terrorist fighting against Israel. But his Israeli lawyer has continued to press Dirani’s lawsuit. Two days ago, the Israel Supreme Court in a 2-1 decision, upheld the decision by the Tel Aviv District Court to allow Dirani to continue his lawsuit against the Israeli government–which will now be played out in the Israeli judicial system.

Israeli Justices Ayala Procaccia and Salim Joubran wrote that “even an enemy can appeal to the Israeli justice system, and present claims on the the state’s interference with his basic rights while in Israel and under the supervision of the government”In a scathing dissent, Justice Hanan Meltzer said that once Dirani returned to Lebanon and resumed his terrorist activities as a member of Hezbollah, he forfeited all claims against Israel.

To recapitulate, here we have Mustafa Dirani, a self-proclaimed terrorist, a man who held Ron Arad in brutal captivity–and sold him to the Iranians, a man who claims he was abused by the Israeli prison system, a man who after being released from prison returned to Lebanon and continued his active participation in terrorism against Israel through his involvement with Hezbollah–here we have Mustafa Dirani being given permission to sue the Israeli government by two members of the Israeli Supreme Court. Unbelievable and sickening.

Is there any wonder why there is a current movement in the Knesset to take the final approval of those nominated to be Israeli judges out of the hands of the uber-left leaning Judicial Selection Committee and put it in the hands of the Knesset–in other words to have all judicial nominees approved by Israel’s legislative body just like the system in many other countries such as that in the U.S.?


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