Where The Inmates Run The Asylum: The Fiasco Of Hamas Prisoners And Marwan Barghouti

Hamas prisoners visit with their wives and children. For over 5 years, Hamas has never allowed Gilad Shalit to be visited by anyone.

Hamas prisoners visit with their wives and children. For over 5 years, Hamas has never allowed Gilad Shalit to be visited by anyone.

You will recall that several weeks ago, PM Netanyahu announced that because Hamas has refused to release any information about Gilad Shalit for over two years–and has never permitted him to be seen by the International Red Cross–some priviliges accorded to Hamas prisoners in Israeli jails would be canceled.

Yesterday, Prison Services officials told the Knesset Interior Committee that Hamas prisoners are still visited by their families, watch cable TV, buy products in the prison store, read daily newspapers, and …..yes, still take exams in educational courses they are currently enrolled in. The only privilege taken away from them is that they may not register for new academic courses.

One of the committee members Tzipi Hotovely said it best: “Gilad Shalit is in Hamas captivity, where no one can visit him or know his condition, but we let [Hamas] prisoners stay in a five-star hotel.”  To which the Prisons Service representatives pusillanimously replied that benefits were not canceled “in order to keep peace and quiet in the prisons.”

In order to keep peace and quiet in the prisons! In your humble servant’s opinion, these prisoners should be separated from the rest of the prison population and denied all privileges. Leave them there to rot–just as Gilad Shalit has been left to rot.

In an unrelated (but actually related) prison event yesterday, it was discovered during a random search that convicted mass murderer Marwan Barghouti had a cellphone in his cell. According to a YNET news report on the incident, Prison officials lamented: It is still unclear what Barghouti was doing with the mobile phone, with whom he had been speaking to or how he was able to obtain the phone in the first place.”  Unclear what he was doing? Unable to know who he was talking to? Unable to know how he obtained the phone? 

If the words of its own spokespeople are any indication, the Israel Prison Service is a place where the inmates are running the asylum. 

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