What’s New In Israel? Pathetic Allegation, Disgusting Justification, Ridiculous Explanation, Absurd Rationalization

Just another 'protestor' in Samaria. The Arab men always send their women and children out to the forefront of the demonstration. This is an old picture taken with thanks from zioneocon.blogspot.com.

Just another 'peaceful' protestor in Samaria. The Arab men always send their women and children out to the forefront of the demonstration. This is an old picture taken with thanks from zioneocon.blogspot.com.

Do you find some mornings when you read the news that you can’t believe what you just read?  You shake your head, blink your eyes, read it again–and guess what? What you read is still as pathetic, absurd, disgusting, and ridiculous as when you read it the first time. This is one of those mornings for your humble servant.  Four examples:

1. In the midst of a violent demonstration at Nabi Salih in Samaria last Friday, the IDF Alexandroni Brigade came under attack and so-called journalists found themselves between the troops and the demonstrators. Officers from the Alexandroni brigade demanded that American-Israeli photojournalist Mati Milstein and others stand against a wall out of harm’s way. As a result, Milstein has lodged an official complaint with the IDF Spokesman’s Office, the Israel Government Press Office, and the Foreign Press Association in Israel, alleging in part:

“. . . television and still photographers in the area were . . . sequestered–under threat of arrest–to a location behind military lines from which it was virtually impossible to photograph the events.”

Is this a joke or what? Instead of thanking the Brigade officers for protecting him from injury, Milstein prefers to try to drag the IDF officers through the mud because he couldn’t take a picture.  Unbelievably pathetic.

2. Al-Ahram, Egypt’s state run and most popular newspaper in an editorial about why an Islamic state of Egypt and the imposition of  Shari’a law in the country would be a positive development:

“For many people, an Islamic state is a culmination of Shari’a, and Shari’a is all about capital punishment. This is untrue. Shari’a is not about stoning and flagellation, and the severing of limbs, but about preserving life and enforcing justice.”

Is this a joke or what? Shari’a is about the total Islamization of culture and society. Shari’a is about wife beating, child abuse, and pedophelia. Shari’a is precisely about stoning, flagellation, and severing. Unbelievably disgusting.

3. From an editorial comment by the state secretary of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Espen Barth Eide, entitled “A time to heal?”. Responding to comments made in by various Israeli columnists concerning the governmental fomenting of intense anti-Israel sentiment in Norway, Eide had this to say:

“There should be no doubt: Norway has never condoned terrorism. The Norwegian government has always been adamant that terrorism, regardless of motivation and regardless of where it occurs, is completely unacceptable. Our political position is crystal clear. And we have a proven track record of committing our political, financial, and military resources to peace-building activities around the world. . .”

Is this a joke or what? Norway has worked tirelessly to assist the Hamas terrorists Gaza in breaking the sea blockade of Gaza–even in the face of revelations that by the International Red Cross that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and in the widespread knowledge that Hamas has already smuggled thousands of weapons to use in terrorist attacks against Israel.  Peace builders? The Norwegians are narcissistic legends in their own minds. Unbelievably ridiculous.

4. Back to southern Israel and reportage from the Jerusalem Post this morning about how those in the IDF command structure view the increasing Hamas rocket fire from Gaza (25 rockets since the beginning of July including another last night). From “IDF: Escalation in Gaza not expected”:

“Israel understands the increase in rocket fire as Hamas’s way to vent its frustration with the failure of the reconciliation agreement it had reached with Fatah earlier this year and the with the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s plan to unilaterally declare statehood at the United Nations in September without its participation.”

Is this a joke or what? Now the IDF is making excuses for Hamas terror? I wonder how many rockets the IDF will justify Hamas firing if the cost of cottage cheese goes up tomorrow morning?  Those ‘poor’ Hamasniks–there’s just no way for them to ‘vent’ their frustration except by shooting missiles at Israeli children, women, and men. Unbelievably absurd.


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