Hamas’ Rocket Expert: Terrorists Are Trained In Gazan Mosques And Universities

An apparently unhappy Dirar Abu Sisi in Israeli court

An unhappy Dirar Abu Sisi in Israeli court

Think back to February and March. Perhaps you remember the story about how Israeli agents ‘kidnapped’ Gaza ‘engineer’ Dirar Abu Sisi while he was on a train in the central Ukrainian city of Poltava (near his wife Veronica’s home in Kiev) and brought him to Israel.

Immediately the pro-Palestinian propaganda machine went into high gear, and Veronica’s picture and protestations were plastered all over the media.

Sisi's wife, Veronica, with three of their six children. This picture was part of the international campaign to castigate Israel and engender sympathy for the 'poor' 'innocent' Gazan 'engineer'.

Sisi's wife, Veronica, with three of their six children. This picture was part of the international campaign to castigate Israel and engender sympathy for the 'poor' 'innocent' Gazan 'engineer'.

Noting that she was going to file a complaint with Ukrainian authorities, Veronica (a violin teacher who converted to Islam to marry Sisi) proclaimed to the world: “My husband doesn’t have and never had any ties to any element of Hamas or its military arm. He does not know (Hamas military leader) Ahmed Jabari, and never spoke about him.”  She went on to stress that her husband–a senior manager at Gaza’s main power station– is a “technological genius” and that “no one knows that power station in Gaza like Dirar. He knew everything there, from the level of electricity supply to the turbines.”  

Hamas of course condemned the kidnapping of the ‘innocent’ Sisi as a violation of international law–a condemnation echoed by Maksim Butkevych, spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Ukraine. Ha Moked, an Israeli group that ostensibly defends the rights of Palestinians, also howled in protest at this ‘travesty’ of justice.

It turns out that Dirar Abu Sisi is not so innocent after all.

Documents released last Wednesday by the Beersheba District Court reveal that according to Abu Sisi’s testimony, he joined Hamas in 2002 while working for the Palestinian Electric Company. He quickly progressed through the ranks becoming Hamas’ chief rocket expert: “I assisted Hamas in developing their missile capabilities, by identifying and handing over mathematical equations that improve the metal pipe’s ability to withstand pressure and heat.”

Not surprisingly–in light of the fact that he is charged with with nine counts, including membership in a terror organization, murder, attempted murder and arms production–Abu Sisi now professes regret over “my affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas Movement, my work to develop the missile range, my part in establishing Hamas’ military academy, and all the information I handed over to Hamas that can threaten the security of Israel and its citizens.”

The establishment of the aforementioned ‘military/terrorist academy’ was one of the most interesting features of Abu Sisi’s testimony.  According to the ‘engineer’, all of the terrorist studies, which include ‘combat methods and strategies’, take place at mosques in Gaza and are taught by “university lecturers, education ministry officials, merchants, and others” (your humble servant wonders if ‘others’ might include United Nations’ personnel or officials of international NGOs).

After finishing their studies at the mosques, terrorist trainees then can either take their final examinations at the mosques or in universities in Gaza.  Upon passing their final exams, Abu Sisi says that the highest performing, newly graduated, terrorists are then shipped out for ‘graduate’ degrees to “Syria, Yemen, Sudan and Iran.”

It makes you wonder what a student has to do to get a Ph.D. 

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