Israel Suffers 100+ Missile Strikes In The Last 48 Hours

Post 6: 9:27 pm. Sirens over Ashdod. In the bomb shelter again.  Explosion again. Apparently two Grads were just shot down over Ashkelon. Ashdod has no Iron Dome.

Post 5: 6:00 pm.  All of the talk is now about an impending ceasefire. Your humble servant is outraged–did the IDF ever fire?–and will blog about this tomorrow.

Post 4: 12:49 pm. A loud explosion just south of here 1 minute ago and reports of Grads hitting on the beach in Ashkelon in the last half hour.  We hear reports of the IAF attacking ‘targets’ in Gaza. Also Arab hackers are attacking Israeli Facebook pages. This blogsite has been visited in the last 15 minutes by ‘guests’ from Gaza and ‘the Palestinian territories’.  If you encounter error messages, threatening messages, or harsh images of any sort, please let us know by email at

Post 3: 11:00 am. No longer quiet here in south Ashdod. We haven’t had any sirens or Grads yet in the city this morning, but in the last 45 minutes we are suddenly hearing explosions to the south and east of our location. More Grads in Beersheva–one striking a school (by the way, the Israeli school year is set to begin in 10 days).

Post 2: 9:30 am. Quiet here in Ashdod, but not elsewhere. Three Grad rockets were fired at Beersheva in the last hour and a half; one was intercepted by the Iron Dome Defense system, the other two were not.  Three more Grads have been fired at Ashkelon in the last hour–all three were intercepted. What has been the IDF reaction overnight and this morning? Nothing. Absolutely pathetically nothing.

Post 1: 7:00 am. The Palestinian terrorist rocket fire from Gaza has not abated overnight with the most recent rockets striking Israel 90 minutes ago. Beersheva was hardest hit last night. The most poignant story is the death of 38 year old Yossi Shoshan who was struck by a Grad rocket in the head while driving home in his car to care for his wife–who is nine months pregnant.

A rescue worker in Beersheva. That is Yossi Shoshan's car in the background.

A rescue worker in Beersheva. That is Yossi Shoshan's car in the background.

Thus far, Ashdod has suffered more Grad rocket attacks than any other city in the South (9).

The governmental situation between Israel and Egypt appears to have stabilized ‘somewhat.’ To recapitulate: on Thursday afternoon, Palestinian terrorists from Gaza, believed to have numbered about 20, dressed in Egyptian Army uniforms, infiltrated into the Negev from the Sinai (where they had apparently been training for a month). Once there they carried out a series of coordinated attacks which left 8 Israelis dead.

In the pursuit that followed, six of them were killed, but others escaped back across the Egyptian border (and some may still be in the Negev).  An Israeli drone captured images of what appeared to be the terrorists at the border. The IDF ordered a helicopter strike which killed three–but as it turned out, the three were actually Egyptian ‘security personnel.’

As a result, there have now been demonstrations in Cairo at the Israeli Embassy (whose walls were breached) with calls throughout the country, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, to abrogate the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. Late yesterday, Defense Minister Barak issued a ‘statement of regret’.  This morning representatives of the Egyptian government have declared that the statement is insufficient, but at the same time Egypt has decided not to recall its ambassador to Israel.

As more rockets strike Israel–and more actions are taken by the IDF against the terrorists in Gaza–your humble servant will continue to update today’s blog.

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