Palestinians Stumble and Bumble Their Way Toward The United Nations


Palestinian marchers taking the 'letter' to the U.N. in Ramallah yesterday. Notice the deprecating signs referring to Obama and Dennis Ross.

Palestinian marchers taking the 'letter' to the U.N. in Ramallah yesterday. Notice the deprecating signs referring to Obama and Dennis Ross.

For masters of propaganda and public relations, the Palestinians stumbled badly coming out of the gate yesterday as they started their two week ‘victory lap’ to Mahmoud Abbas’ address at the United Nations on September 2oth.

The “National Campaign for Palestine: State 194” officially kicked off in Ramallah with a short march of about one hundred placard and flag-waving Palestinians to the local U.N. office in order to hand deliver a letter to be sent to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

But shortly after the letter was handed over and world media reported the event, the Palestinian Authority began backtracking and saying that it was not an ‘official’ letter after all–only one generated by ‘local grassroots activists.’

A little bit later, a spokesman for the Palestinian Liberation Organization (yes, the oft-forgotten PLO) said that the “letter event” was indeed organized by the Palestinian Authority–despite the fact that the Palestinian Authority had no authority to do so. According to the spokesman, “international relations” are the sole province of the PLO.  

If this confusion and discord wasn’t bad enough, there seemed to be various versions of the Ban Ki-Moon letter floating around.

In version 1, the following paragraph appeared:

“Your excellency [Ban Ki-Moon], the Palestinian people at home and in the diaspora, particularly those in refugee camps who were uprooted from their homeland and dispossessed 63 years ago, hope that your excellency will stand by justice and do right by our people.”

Version 2 included the paragraph:

“Families of the tens of thousands of victims of Israeli occupation, including those martyred, wounded and imprisoned, and countless others who were expelled from their homes or lost their homes and their property, hope that you will exert all possible efforts toward the achievement of the Palestinian people’s just demands.”

Official or unofficial, and regardless of version (another version had the two paragraphs in the same letter), the letter amply illustrated why there will never be peace between Israel and the Palestinians.  Solely populated by ‘dispossessed refugees’ and ‘martyrs’, the Palestinian myth will never permit Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish nation. Without this recognition, there will never be peace.

To underscore the Palestinian point about ‘refugeedom’ and martyrdom, the letter was handed over by Latifa Abu Hmeid, a 70-year-old woman who had one terrorist son killed in fighting with Israel and who has seven other terrorist sons in Israeli prisons because of terrorist activities.

By the way, Hmeid is a ‘Palestinian refugee’–living in a Palestinian refugee camp in Palestinian controlled territory in Judea and Samaria. For 63 years, her fellow Palestinians have not allowed her and her family to live normal lives in terms of where they can live and work–because they have forever been labeled ‘refugees.’


The United States announced unequivocally yesterday that should the proposal for a Palestinian state reach the Security Council, the United States will veto it.

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