Numbers Do Not Confer Legitimacy: The Upcoming Vote For Palestinian Statehood at the United Nations



General Assembly Hall at the United Nations: a beautiful venue for a morally bankrupt organization

General Assembly Hall at the United Nations: a beautiful venue for a morally bankrupt organization

The United Nations General Assembly opened last night. No proposal for Palestinian statehood has yet been submitted, but there are now reports that the Palestinians are aiming for a vote on either Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur.

Your humble servant continues to smile at all of the artificial buzz being created by the Palestinians for their proposal for statehood.

It is purely artificial because everyone knows what the outcome will be. The vote in the General Assembly is nothing more than the culmination of decades of anti-Israel resolutions that have been passed by astonishingly one-sided votes of member countries; many of these resolutions have found Israel so alone that fewer than 5 countries voted with her.

That is why I also smile when I hear people suggesting that this vote is somehow the result of PM Netanyahu’s policies. For going on 45 years, Israel has been increasingly isolated around the world and especially in the United Nations–despite every attempt Israel has made to make peace with the Palestinians.

Long ago the United Nations ceased to function as an organization committed to noble ideals and began to adopt a platform that rewarded immoral national and extra-national behavior. U.N. support for terrorist violence against Israel and terrorist rejection of Israel’s right to exist has become its hallmark. At every turn, Israel has been condemned by the United Nations for defending itself.

In this context, Benjamin Netanyahu’s quest for 30 nations that constitute a “moral minority” verges on the impossible. There may not be 30 moral countries in the United Nations.

That is why the Israeli and world media’s obsession with keeping score  on what countries will vote for a Palestinian state at the United Nations next week and which ones will not is simply ludicrous. The final vote is likely to be something like 170 to 23.

For a person who often writes that numbers matter, this is one case in which they most decidedly do not. Israel should hold its head up high; numbers have not conferred legitimacy on the anti-Israel resolutions of the past, and they will certainly not confer legitimacy on the upcoming vote.


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