Syria, Hezbollah Lebanon, and Iran: Ready For War Against Israel

UPDATE: The last 15 hours have seen a rocket attack on southern Israel by Hamas Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, an IDF unit attacked by terrorists with an IED device on the Gazan border, Israeli vehicles pelted by rocks all around Jerusalem, and a Syrian threat to launch a major war against Israel.

According to Assad, Syrian missiles like this one tipped with nerve gas are positioned within six hours of the Golan Heights.

According to Assad, Syrian missiles like this one tipped with nerve gas are positioned within six hours of the Golan Heights.

The ante was significantly raised again in the Middle East last night by Syrian President Bashar Assad. In a meeting with the Turkish Foreign Minister,  Assad not only played the Israel card but also revealed that Syria, Hezbollah Lebanon, and Iran have developed a carefully coordinated plan for attacking Israel, the United States, and Europe.

Assad was specific and direct saying that if NATO attacks Syria, then the following would take place:

1. In the first three hours, Syria will call on Hezbollah in Lebanon to launch an intense missile strike on Israel “beyond anything Israel can imagine” and Syria will begin moving its missiles to the Golan Heights.

2. In the second three hours, Iran will attack U.S. ships in the Persian Gulf and will attack American and European “interests” everywhere.

3. After six hours, Syria will launch all of its missiles “at Tel Aviv”.

Think about Assad’s declaration for a moment. Syria, Hezbollah, and Iran have actually sat down and developed a plan for destroying Israela plan which in this case has nothing to do with the Palestinians, nothing to do fighting Zionism, and nothing to do with reclaiming the Golan Heights. It is a plan purely and simply designed to keep the despotic Assad in power.

It is a real threat.

You will recall, dear reader, that Israel has been down this road before with Saddam Hussein. Hussein promised to rain Scud missiles down on Tel Aviv if Iraq was invaded.  Well, Iraq was invaded, and Scuds did rain down on Tel Aviv and other Israeli targets.

An Iraqi Scud missile exploding in Tel Aviv.

An Iraqi Scud missile exploding in Tel Aviv.

It was only by America’s immediate and earnest attempt to take out Saddam’s missile launchers that Israel did not launch its arsenal against Iraq. With a coordinated attack coming this time from Syrian, Lebanese, and Iranian territory, there would be no way to stop the attack except by a massive launch of Israeli missiles against the attackers.

Your humble servant shudders to think what that would mean because make no mistake, Israel has the missile capacity to stop such an attack.

Nevertheless,  a war launched by Syria, Hezbollah Lebanon, and Iran against Israel would not only exact a terrible price from Israeli citizens, but also from the people of the region and the people of the world.


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