We Are The Hollow ‘Men’ Pervading The Middle East From Israel To Iran

UPDATE: ***MAJOR TERROR ALERT IN JERUSALEM LIFTED AS OF 8:35 PM.***  Another potential Palestinian terrorist stabbing attack thwarted. IDF continues searching Beit Iksa for Yehuda Ne’emad’s assailant.

Some of the hollowest of the hollow 'men': Blair, Clinton, Lavrov, Moon, and Ashton

We are the hollow men                                                                                                                  We are the stuffed men                                                                                                          Leaning together                                                                                                                Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!                                                                                              Our dried voices, when                                                                                                                  We whisper together                                                                                                                    Are quiet and meaningless                                                                                                            As wind in dry grass                                                                                                                      Or rats’ feet over broken glass                                                                                                     In our dry cellar

T.S. Eliot: a verse from “The Hollow Men”

As usual, the hollow men were greatly in evidence throughout the Middle East yesterday from Israel to Iran. A few samplings ranging from the absurd to the more absurd:

1. The Israeli Kadima Party and Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander from the old TV comedy Seinfeld is here in Israel to promote “peace” between Israel and the PLO (Palestinian Authority) at a conference in the Knesset titled “The Knesset and the Nation: A debate in the aftermath of the Schalit deal” on Monday afternoon.  Alexander is part of a delegation of over 30 entrepreneurs and entertainers from the US hosted by MK Yoel Hasson (Kadima).

Who cares what the hollow heads at Kadima or hollow-headed Jason Alexander think about anything? Absolutely nobody.

2. Ehud Barak

“Hamas understands that it’s not worth its while to try this [kidnapping Israeli soldiers] again. As we are a learning nation, we don’t want to return to this.”

As the complete epitome of the hollow man, Barak’s hollow warnings to Palestinian Islamic Terrorist Hamas have become almost comedic. Every Hamas leader is calling for more kidnappings–and one will unfortunately happen as soon as the next batch of 550 prisoners is released. And why should Hamas care anything about what Barak says? He never does anything. 

3. The IDF General Staff

The General Staff announced that it would recommend that the Israeli government release more Palestinian terrorist prisoners and transfer more areas to the Palestine Liberation Organization. Why in the world should Israel do this? According to the hollow men General Staff who are afraid of their own shadow and owe their allegiance to the above referenced Barak, these actions will limit the damage caused to Mahmoud Abbas because of the Shalit deal last week, and rebalance the power relations between Fatah and Hamas. 

So now it is Israel’s responsibility to baby Mahmoud Abbas some more and bolster the Palestine Liberation Organization–even at a risk to its own citizens? Unbelievable.  

4. Tony Blair

“It is a great thing that people are wanting democracy, but in the short term there is reduced stability in the region so that can pose problems for Israel and the peace process. Because of the instability and uncertainty in the region, it’s right that we grip the peace process and put it back on track again. We need strong, clear commitments that both parties will produce comprehensive proposals on borders and security within 90 days.”

Let’s see, according to the ever hollow Tony Blair, the Middle East Arab Spring is going to hell in a handbasket–but how can we turn things around and stabilize the region? That’s right! Solve the Israel-Palestinian problem! Unbelievable.

5. Hillary Clinton

Hollowness is, of course, not gender specific.

“No one should miscalculate America’s resolve and commitment to helping support the Iraqi democracy. We have paid too high a price to give the Iraqis this chance. And I hope that Iran and no one else miscalculates that.”

Iran has been helping kill American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan for almost a decade–with complete impunity. Your humble servant is certain that the Iranians are trembling in their boots from yet another hollow Clintonian threat.

6. The European Union

The theocrats in Iran must enjoy getting up and reading the hollow international bluster against them every morning. As if Clinton’s hollow threats were not enough, at a Brussels summit yesterday, the 27 E.U. states called on Iran to engage in “constructive and substantial talks” with Western powers to bring about a negotiated solution to the nuclear question “to avoid possible future restrictive measures.” EU leaders called in a statement for the preparation of new sanctions “to be implemented at the appropriate moment in the case that Iran continues not to cooperate seriously nor to meet its obligations.”

The hollow comedy of the absurd continues: Iran says it might be willing to talk, the straw-headed Europeans grasp at any straw, Iranian nuclear development accelerates. Unbelievable. 

Our dried voices, when we whisper together are quiet and meaningless as wind in dry grass or rats’ feet over broken glass in our dry cellar. . .we are the hollow men.


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