Tunisia: The Absurdity of a “Moderate” Islamist Victory

UPDATE: Israel Defense Forces arrested 10 Palestinians on charges of terrorism in Judea and Samaria overnight near Shechem (Nablus), Ramallah, and Hebron.

The face of things to come in Tunisia and across North Africa. (Photo NYTimes)

When will people in the West ever stop believing what Islamists tell them–especially what they tell them about Islam?

Under the headline “Moderate Islamist Party Heads Toward Victory In Tunisia”, the New York Times this morning carries the news that your humble servant predicted many months ago–namely that the Arab Spring in Tunisia has turned into the Islamist takeover.

Granted that this takeover may take months and even years to be fully enacted, the unofficial results in Tunisia’s election are in and show the Islamist Ennahda party winning a plurality of at least 35-40% of the vote–a percentage that Ennahda believes may turn into a 50+% majority once the votes are officially counted.

Here’s what the daughter (Soumaya Ghannoushi) of the founder of Tunisia’s Islamist party  told the Times yesterday: “We are the most progressive Islamic party in the region. Accepting each other, accepting pluralism, accepting diversity and trying to work together — this is the lesson Ennahda can give to other Islamic political movements.”

Another lesson Ennahda can give to Islamist political movements in the region is how to use deception to disguise their radical Islamist agenda to the West. Ennahda recently changed its name from the Ennahda ‘Islamist’ Party to the Ennahda ‘Islamic’ Party precisely because of the fact that the West views the term “Islamist” as radical. In practice however, Ennahda’s followers all call themselves “Islamists”.

Protestations by Ms. Ghannoushi about the moderate nature of Ennahda notwithstanding, even the Times article notes that Ennahda’s supporters “sing religious songs at rallies”, its speakers “quote the Koran”, and its followers “expect Ennahda to improve the moral character of Tunisians by imposing restrictions on alcohol and profanity or blasphemy in popular culture, and even on what women are allowed to wear.”

This is real “moderation.”

And, by the way,  Ennahda’s supporters refer to their Ennahda party as “God’s party.” If that rings any bells with you, it should. The actual translation into Arabic of ” the party of God” is “Hezbollah”.

Next on the Islamist agenda is Egypt where the upcoming elections (if the military allows them to take place) will feature an Islamist victory of even larger scale because there is not one Islamist party running for seats but many including the Salafis, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the laughably named “New Center” Party.

But not to worry, the leaders of most of these groups are already terming themselves “progressive” and “moderate”, and the Western media is unbelievably buying into their descriptions.

The bottom line as you already know, dear reader, is that moderate Islam does not exist.

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