The Islamic Terrorist Assault Continues On Southern Israel

***101 terrorist missiles, rockets, and mortars fired by the Palestinians in Gaza have attempted to kill the men, women, and children of southern Israel since Saturday morning. ***

Update 11:19 pm: No further rockets since 8:30 pm. This is the last update for today.

Update 8:24 pm: Impending rocket sirens Eshkol region.

Update 7:55 pm: Qassam rockets strike Eshkol region. No further details.

Update 7:00 pm: Reports that Israel cabinet has approved IDF plans for a ground assault on Gaza to stop rocket fire on southern Israel. Presumably dependent on what happens tonight.

Update 3:00 pm: Ever shifting stories. Egypt now claims that Israel has given it until midnight tonight to arrange for all terrorist factions in Gaza to stop firing rockets at southern Israel. No word from Jerusalem.

Update 12:00 pm: IAF currently (and disgustingly!) dropping leaflets over Gaza warning terrorists of impending bombing runs. At the same time, Egypt reporting that Israel has agreed to “no military operations” in Gaza between midnight tonight and midnight tomorrow.

Update 10:00 am: All schools in Ashdod, Ashkelon, Gan Yavne canceled for third consecutive day. Residents of southern Israel urged to stay “close to their homes.”

Update 8:00 am: 12 missiles have struck southern Israel since the supposed ceasefire went into effect yesterday morning–12 missiles fired with the express purpose of killing the children, women, and men of Beersheva, Nahal Oz, Gan Yavne, Sderot, Ashkelon and other small moshavs and kibbutzes in between. The last reported attack occurred at 10:35 pm Israel time.

How much time you have to run to a bomb shelter to avoid getting killed by a Palestinian Islamic terrorist rocket. Note that we are lucky here in Ashdod. We supposedly have 45 seconds to make it (apologies for blurry graph detail).

If you look at the end of the update above, it should remind you of the end of the first update on this blog yesterday. Just when you think a ceasefire is in effect, it isn’t.

After a day of intense F-15 and F-16 activity in the skies overhead, this morning in Ashdod has dawned to intermittent Israeli naval cannonfire coming from just off the coast and the occasional ‘booms’ of explosions to the south of us between Ashdod and Ashkelon.

A few notes on the ongoing war here:

*The fact that the Islamic terrorists are now launching phosphorous missiles into southern Israel adds an even heightened urgency to the need to wipe them out once and for all.

*The fact that virtually no news agencies in the world are covering what is happening here is not surprising at all. If you recall, Islamic terrorist Hamas fired over 14,000 rockets at Israel during the last 7 years. The world did not bat an eye or give a damn about the random targeting of Israeli citizens. Nothing has changed.

*The fact that Mahmoud Abbas could say yesterday that “It was good thing that Gilad Shalit was kidnapped”– with no reportage in the West helps to explain why Islamic terrorist Hamas can randomly bomb southern Israel with international impunity.

*The fact that delegates at the UNESCO meeting yesterday could erupt in applause peppered with “Viva Palestine” as the Palestinians attained UNESCO membership even as Palestinians in Gaza are attempting to slaughter Israeli civilians in southern Israel speaks volumes about an international community that is rotten to the core.

Your humble servant should have written “almost rotten to the core.” There were 14 countries who had the decency and courage to vote against full UNESCO membership for “Palestine”: Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Palau, Panama, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Sweden, United States, and Vanuatu. If you happen to live in one of these countries, you have another reason to hold your head up in pride this morning. If you don’t, you have another reason to start working harder today to make sure your country has the courage to do what is right the next time there is such a vote.

*One last tidbit of information that your humble servant finds darkly amusing. We in the South have become inured over the last few years to the steady whining hum of Israeli drones as they circle overhead attempting to protect Israel (there is at least one over my house right now). In the last 24 hours, the Palestinians in Gaza have been complaining bitterly online in Hamas sponsored forums about being exposed to the nonstop hum of the same Israeli drones. Maybe if we started randomly shooting Grads and Qassams at them, the Palestinian terrorists could get a full taste of what life is like in southern Israel. 

Finally, your humble servant would encourage you to check back to this blog during the day–having reason to believe (the source of which cannot be divulged) that something may be afoot. I certainly hope so.





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