The Absolute Insanity Of An Israeli Strike Against Iran

UPDATE 9:15 pm: Impending rocket sirens sounding in south Ashkelon region at this moment.

UPDATE 8:00 am: The Islamic terrorist missile drizzle began anew yesterday with 2 “unofficial” Grad rockets hitting Beersheva and at least 4 mortars fired along the Gaza fence at the IDF and at the citizens of Kerem Shalom. 

The Israeli Navy is preparing to intercept the tiny flotilla now on its way to Gaza. The boats which departed from Turkey were escorted half way across the Mediterranean by Turkish naval vessels at which point the naval vessels turned back towards Turkey.


Iran has a vast arsenal of underground missile silos--inside each is a missile that could be tipped with a nuclear warhead. The world had better get used to living with that terrible fact.

As you may or may not know, the subject of a possible Israel strike against Iran has been virtually the only news here in Israel for the last 3 days.

There have been reports of a “practice” strike drill carried out last year by the IAF involving 100 airplanes that took place from Israel to Gibraltar, and another drill that took place this year to Italy and back.

There have been reports that the U.S. intends to carry out the strike with the assistance of the United Kingdom, that Israel intends to carry out the strike with the assistance of the U.S. . . . there have been reports, there have been reports, there have been reports . . . there have been so many reports that one minister in the government has sarcastically suggested that everybody in Israel should send a text message to Netanyahu telling him what they think about attacking Iran.

Two days ago, your humble servant read where someone had posed the simple question:

“If Israel cannot attack Hamas in Gaza, how in the world could it possibly attack Iran?”

That succinctly states the case. Forget about the fact that Iran has tens of nuclear facilities, forget about the fact that Iran’s most important nuclear facilities are in hardened bunkers a mile underground, forget about the fact that Iran has a massive anti-aircraft system designed to protect its nuclear facilities, and forget about the fact that Iran has enough missiles to lay waste to much of Israel . . . forget about all that.

Israel cannot take care of Islamic terrorist Hamas sitting right here on the border–Hamas that does not have hardened bunkers a mile underground, Hamas that does not have a massive anti-aircraft system (in fact has no anti-aircraft system), Hamas that does not have the type of missile that can lay waste to much of Israel.

The simple fact is that Iran is going to have nuclear weapons and the rest of the world–including Israel–is going to have to live with it.

Here’s my text message to Netanyahu: “Dear Bibi, any thought of attacking Iran is absolute insanity.”


On November 4, 1948 Israeli forces captured Ashkelon–driving the Egyptian Army further south.


Suggested change: instead of “peace process” use “Israeli concession process

Background: In reality, there never has been a ‘peace’ process between Palestinians and Israelis. Your humble servant challenges anyone in the world to point out 1 concession that the Palestinians have ever made for peace. Contrary to popular belief, the Palestinians have never recognized Israel’s right to exist, never made a territorial concession, and never eliminated from their Fatah and Hamas charters that they want to destroy Israel.

Practical use of the new vocabulary from the news yesterday:

“Defense Minister Ehud Barak held a meeting with UK Foreign Secretary William Hague in London on Thursday, in which the two discussed a range of issues including restarting the peace Israeli concession process with the Palestinians.”

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