The ‘Right-Wing’ Desecration Of Muslim Holy Sites Canard

UPDATE 8:00 am: All quiet last night. No reports of red sirens or terrorist missiles fired at Israel.


Jewish graves desecrated by Palestinians on the Mount of Olives yesterday.

There has been a lot of talk in the Israeli media and the international media over the last two months about so-called “right-wing price tag” Jewish desecration of Muslim holy sites. In point of fact however, there have only been 2 such purported acts: the setting of a fire at the Tuba Zangaria Mosque and the graffiti defacement of Muslim (and Christian) tombstones in a cemetery in Jaffo.

Despite the fact that he has condemned these incidents as “despicable”, your humble servant believes that these two events have been grossly misreported (see my previous blog) and blown out of all proportion. But before he discusses this further, he would like to point out what is never reported in the Israeli media or the international press–and never condemned by the Israeli government or the Palestine Liberation Organization/PAthe wholesale desecration of Jewish holy sites throughout Israel as well as Judea and Samaria.

Let’s just look at the last six months.

1. On June 14th of this year, Palestinian teenagers with sledgehammers came into the Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives and pulverized 14 graves. On so-called ‘Nakba’ day, Palestinians celebrated by throwing rocks down on the same cemetery severely damaging 15 more graves. Yesterday, a user based news site here in Israel detailed the latest desecration of Jewish graves on the Mount of Olives. As you can see from the above picture, at least six graves were destroyed by Palestinian vandals.  What has the mainline Israeli media, the international media, the Israeli government, and the Palestinian Liberation Organization/PA had to say about this destruction? Absolutely nothing.

2. On April 27 Palestinian rioters desecrated the Tomb of Joseph in Shechem (Nablus) and set it on fire. On October 6, Palestinians desecrated the same tomb with anti-Israel and anti-Jewish graffiti and swastikas. In the last two weeks, Elazar the Cohen’s Tomb in Awarta (where the Fogel family murderers come from) was desecrated by Palestinians with graffiti of terrorist missiles. What has the mainline Israeli media, the international media, the Israeli government, and the Palestinian Liberation Organization/PA had to say about this destruction and desecration? Absolutely nothing.

3. On October 7, Palestinians threw a Molotov cocktail at a synagogue in Jaffo setting the roof on fire. On October 12, four synagogues in Tzfat (Safed) were vandalized and graffitied by Palestinians with such writings as “Jews must die.”  What has the mainline Israeli media, the international media, the Israeli government,  and the Palestinian Liberation Organization/PA had to say about this destruction and vandalism of Jewish synagoguges? Absolutely nothing.

Finally, let’s return to the Tuba Zangaria and cemetery incidents–which the Israeli media and the world have endlessly characterized as having have been carried out by “right-wing extremists” in Judea and Samaria.

There is not one shred of evidence that this accusation is true.

The 4 Jewish community members who were arrested for the Tuba Zangaria incident have all been released, and the police have been chided by the administrative judge for making arrests with no evidence.

As for the cemetery incident, it turned out that some of the writings spray-painted on the on the tombstones referenced “GAO2”–a nickname of the “Green Monkey” soccer fans of Maccabi Haifa. Yesterday three of these soccer hooligans were arrested for vandalizing the tombstones.

The next time you read in the liberal media about Israeli “right-wing extremists” perpetrating acts of vandalism–read it with a grain of salt.


On November 7, 1974–37 years ago todayUNESCO issued the first of its many anti-Israel pronouncements, voting “to withhold assistance from Israel in the fields of education, science and culture because of Israel’s persistent alteration of the historic features of Jerusalem.”

Perhaps you can understand now, dear reader, why nobody in Israel cares anything about what UNESCO says or does.  


Palestinian use of language yesterday was as deceptively absurd as always.

First, Ismail Haniyeh had this to say in a sermon marking the first day of the of Id al-Adha at a Gaza City mosque:  “the real feast will be on the day that Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are liberated.”

“On the day that Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are liberated” means “on the day that Israel is destroyed.”

In Mahmoud Abbas’ holiday statement yesterday, he ranted that he was determined to go ahead with his statehood bid in the UN Security Council despite “Israeli escalation against the PA leadership and the Palestinians.”

“Israeli escalation against the PA leadership and the Palestinians” means “making the Palestinians responsible for their actions”–something the rest of the world seems unable to do, and something the Palestinians are certainly unable to do themselves.


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