What Is Everyone In Israel Talking About This Morning?

UPDATE: No Palestinian terrorist activity overnight (see reason below).


What the night sky looked like all over Israel last night

So what is everyone talking about in Israel this morning? The judicial reform bill that passed a preliminary reading in the Knesset last night? The speculated Mossad involvement in the explosion near the Shihab missile storage area near Tehran that killed a Revolutionary Guards missile commander? The killing of another 75 protesters in Syria–and the call from King Abdullah of Jordan that Assad should resign?

How about the attempt by Sarkozy to apologize to Netanyahu for his “I hate him” remark to Obama last week? Or 200 medical residents not showing up for work at Israel hospitals this morning because of their continuing wage dispute? And what about NBA player Omri Casspi signing to play with Maccabi Tel Aviv? Or that six dwarf monkeys were stolen from an animal park in Kiryat Motzkin?

Nope. No one is talking about any of these stories. All of the talk this morning is about the intense weather that battered Israel last night. Here in Ashdod we saw, felt, and heard over 6 hours of house-rattling booms of thunder, huge lightning strikes that filled the entire night sky from Gaza to Yavne, and torrential rain that flooded the roads (and exposed every leak in our house!). 

Modi'in's shopping mall underwater.

The Negev had hail; Modi’in found its largest mall underwater; Tel Aviv residents went to bed early for a change–but nobody is complaining. As always, Israel needs rainfall, a lot of rainfall, to make up for a lack of rain in the last six months.

And this morning, there is more good news: another storm is scheduled to hit tonight!


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