The Israel Quiz: Part 1 of 3

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your humble servant will be in the Kiev, Ukraine area for the next few days. During this time, updates and breaking news will appear only once a day, and during the next three days, we will test your knowledge of Israel with 10 questions per day–some easy, some moderately difficult, and some very difficult questions. Answers to all questions will appear on Sunday.


There are many misconceptions about Israel, and even people who strongly support Israel are sometimes “a little shaky” on the actual facts about the country. So, here we go with the first annual Israel Quiz (Part 1 of 3).

1. What is the total population of Israel?

A. 5,832,409

B. 7,797,400

C. 13,653,877

D. 17,191,548

2. What was the Israeli Arab population in 1949? And what is it today?

A. Israeli Arabs 1949: 8,534,907/Israeli Arabs today: 5,327,202

B. Israeli Arabs 1949: 159,100/Israeli Arabs today: 1,600,100

C. Israeli Arabs 1949: 6,450,518/Israeli Arabs today: 956,678

D. Israeli Arabs 1949: 4,338,421/Israeli Arabs today: 2,112,677

3. What is the geographical area of Israel (including all of Jerusalem and the Golan Heights)?

A. 8463 sq mi

B. 10,533 sq mi

C. 16,421 sq mi

D. 22,972 sq mi

4. What is the tallest mountain in Israel?

A. Mt. Meron

B. Mt. Ramon

C. Mt. Tabor

D. Mt. Hermon

5.  Who was the first Prime Minister of Israel?

A. Yitzhak Shamir

B. Levi Eshkol

C. Yitzhak Rabin

D. David Ben-Gurion

7. Who was the second Prime Minister of Israel?

A. Levi Eshkol

B. Yigal Allon

C. Moshe Sharett

D. David Ben-Gurion

8. How many members are in Israel’s legislative body, the Knesset?

A. 65

B. 80

C. 100

D. 120

9. How many political parties have at least one elected representative in the current Knesset?

A. 3

B. 9

C. 19

D. 24

10. How many justices are on the Israeli Supreme Court?

A. 7

B. 9

C. 12

D. There is no fixed number; the number is determined by a Knesset resolution.

So how do you think you did today? Check back on Sunday to see if your answers are correct–and tomorrow for part 2.

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