The Israel Quiz: Part 3 of 3


Today we have the final installment of the first annual Israel Quiz. Remember that the answers to all 30 questions will appear on this blog tomorrow. The quiz today will test your knowledge of history.

21. What is the earliest written use of the word “Israel” thus far discovered?

A. In the Torah (at some point prior to 1500 BCE)

B. On the Egyptian Merneptah Stele (1209 BCE)

C. On the Tel Dan Stele (approximately 850 BCE)

22. According to the most recent archaeological evidence, when did King David conquer the Jebusites and make Jerusalem the capital of Israel?

A. between 1350-1250 BCE

B. between 1100-1050 BCE

C. between 900-850 BCE

23. According to Assyrian records, when was the northern Kingdom of Israel sacked by the Assyrians and most of its residents exiled into the far reaches of the Assyrian Empire?

A. 742-714 BCE

B. 660-655 BCE

C. 613-612 BCE

24. According to Babylonian records, when did the Babylonians conquer the Assyrians and the southern kingdom of Israel, capture Jerusalem, destroy the First Temple–and enslave and deport hundreds of thousands of Jews?

A. 586 BCE

B. 411 BCE

C. 312 BCE

25. Under which Persian king was the Temple rebuilt?

A. Nebuchadnezzar

B. Cyrus the Great

C. Darius

26. When did the Romans destroy the Second Temple at the end of the first Jewish-Roman war?

A. 176 BCE

B. 115 BCE

C. 70 CE

27. Who was the Roman emperor who attempted to erase the words ‘Judea’ and ‘Israel’ from the lexicon and replace them with his artificially constructed word “Palestine”–at the end of the 3rd Jewish-Roman War?

A. Vespasian

B. Titus

C. Hadrian

28. When did the first Muslims bring Islam to the land of Israel?

A. 2000 years ago in the 1st century CE.

B. In 263 CE., about 250 years after Jesus.

C. In 634 CE., over 1600 years after the Jewish Kingdom of Israel was established.

29. In what year did the Christian Crusaders first conquer Jerusalem?

A. 1099 CE

B. 1323 CE

C. 1588 CE

30. According to the 1844 Ottoman census, what was the population of Jerusalem?

A. 7120 Muslims, 5000 Christians, 3390 Jews

B. 7120 Christians, 5000 Muslims, 3390 Jews

C. 7120 Jews, 5000 Muslims, 3390 Christians

All right, dear readers, that completes the Israel Quiz. See you tomorrow with the answers.

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