Just Another Wacky Wednesday Here In Israel

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UPDATE: No reports of rocket fire overnight.


Your humble servant thought he would entertain you, dear reader, with four ‘wonderfully’ weird stories this Wednesday morning (you may not find them as amusing as your humble servant does, but then again please reach for the black humor in them all).

1. Those Wacky Wimps at the United Nations

The United Nations–along with numerous countries around the world– clownishly celebrated its 34th annual “International Day of Solidarity With the Palestinian People” yesterday (this comedic fest began in 1977) with speeches denouncing the partitioning of Palestine in 1947, the so-called “Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights”, the “increasing Judaization” of the Israel’s capital of Jerusalem, and a laundry list of other denunciations too banal to mention here.

The black humor involved in celebrating a people who started a civil war to murder their fellow citizens of Palestine (see “This Day In Israeli History” below)–a war that continues to this day–is almost too rich to bear. Why doesn’t the United Nations just have the courage to call their celebration what it is: an “International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian Terrorists”?

2. The WWF (World Wrestling Federation) in Jerusalem

It is being reported this morning that “a huge brawl” broke out on Jerusalem’s  sparkling new light rail system Monday night.

The brawl was between dozens of Arab and Jewish girls on one of the train cars. There’s no information about how the fight started, but it ended when one of the Jewish girls pulled out “a personal canister of tear gas” and sprayed it at one of the Arab girls who was assaulting her.

The gas spread throughout the train forcing the driver, who–in true WWF tradition had apparently been willing to let the brawl play out– to stop the train and let passengers out, “as the gas was bothering those onboard.”

3. The Warning That Wasn’t

One of those "non-Hezbollah" rockets fired from Hezbollah territory in southern Lebanon Monday night.

It turns out that the citizens of the Western Galilee were extremely perturbed all day yesterday because there were no air raid sirens to warn them of the 4 incoming Hezbollah missiles Monday night.

Why were there no air raid sirens? Because they had been deactivated by the IDF. And why were they deactivated by the IDF? Because IDF analysts had ridiculously assessed  that the risk of rocket fire from Lebanon was “slim.”

Your humble servant has no idea what group of comedic idiots is doing the assessments for the IDF, but the time has come to clean house.  After all, this is the same assessment team that moved an Iron Dome battery to the north earlier this year because it assessed that the chance of rocket fire from Gaza was “slim”–only to have to rush the battery south again when the rockets started falling and Ashdod had been hit with numerous Grads.

It is the same assessment team that has now claimed this morning that Iran was sending Israel a message by firing the 4 rockets–and that Hezbollah miraculously had nothing to do with it, and that splinter groups in Gaza are responsible for firing rockets in to southern Israel without Palestinian Islamist Hamas’s knowledge. Your humble servant believes that the children in our neighborhood kindergarten here in Ashdod could do a better job of assessments.

4. The Will

All that remains of Major General Hassan Moqaddam

The radical Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ website Basij posted the information yesterday that the senior Revolutionary Guards’ missile commander who was killed last week, Hassan Tehrani Moqaddam included the following in his will: “Write on my grave that the person buried here wanted to destroy Israel.”

Your humble servant suggests the following ditty:

“Here lies Hassan Moqaddam–in his grave very dead

He wanted to destroy Israel, at least that’s what he said

But Mossad put an end to his dreams one day

And now he is here in the ground to stay.”


The day after the United Nations voted to partition Palestine, November 30, 1947, saw the beginning of a civil war between Arabs and Jews in Palestine. On that day, Arab snipers killed 1 person in Tel Aviv, dozens of Arabs assaulted Jewish homes in Manshiya, an Arab mob in Abu Kabir attacked a Jewish car and murdered its three passengers, and Palestinian Arabs murdered six Jews in a bus on the way to Jerusalem.

This was a prelude to the 1948 Israeli War of Independence that claimed the lives of 6,000 Jews.

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