“A Declaration Of War Against Muslim Holy Places”

UPDATE: The missile drizzle continues with Sha’ar Hanegev being struck by a Palestinian terrorist Qassam missile just after midnight last night. Who can calculate the emotional trauma incurred by the residents of southern Israel each time one of these strikes occurs?


Note the location of the Mughrabi Gate and the Chain Gate (El-Silsilweh). Source: http://www.linearconcepts.com/travelog/2007-israel/28-temple-mount

Last week, your humble servant blogged about the difficulties surrounding the temporary Mughrabi Bridge that leads to the Mughrabi Gate, the only gate that the Islamic Wakf allows non-Muslims to use to enter the Jewish Temple Mount.  The bridge has been declared a fire hazard and has been found to be structurally unsound to the point of possible collapse.

Last week, bowing to Jordanian and Egyptian pressure, PM Netanyahu inexplicably postponed destruction of the Bridge and the building of a replacement.

Sunday morning Israel officially closed the Bridge to everyone except Israeli security forces.

The reaction has been swift and predictably absurd:

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum:

“[It] is a declaration of war against Muslim holy places . . . and shows the seriousness of the plan to harm the Al-Aqsa mosque.”

Remember that the Bridge carries non-Muslims up to Judaism’s holiest place–and is located in the Jewish Quarter!

Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Hamam Said:

“The Israeli move is very dangerous. This is a blow to Arab leaders who signed agreements and contacts with the Jews.”

Note that there is no mention of Israelis–just Jews.

Spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Nabil Abu Radainah:

“This is an Israeli attack intended to escalate the situation against international attempts to revive the peace process.”

Israeli attack? Against the peace process?

But in what is bound to become the newest flashpoint of Muslim rants worldwide, Netanyahu announced this morning that he is actively considering opening another gate to the Temple Mount for non-Muslims– the Chain Gate.

A view of the Western Wall. Note the Mughrabi Gate and Bridge to the far right and the minaret to the far left. The minaret is the minaret for the Chain Gate which is located just below it on the Western Wall. Behind the minaret is the Dome of the Rock--built by the Muslims on Judaism's holiest site.

Actually, the Chain Gate has long been open to non-Muslims–but only as as a way to exit the Temple Mount. In fact, your humble servant walked through the Chain Gate this past summer as he exited the Temple Mount–an exit way that takes the person directly into the Muslim Quarter. Presumably, Netanyahu’s plan would make the Gate the temporary entrance point to the Temple Mount for non-Muslims.

Expect an absurd hue and cry from Muslims everywhere.


On December 12, 1981, the Israeli Knesset passed the Golan Heights Law which annexed the territory to Israel by extending Israeli law, jurisdiction, and administration to the Golan Heights.

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