Bravely Spoken Tzipi, Nabil, and Hillary!

UPDATE: Palestinian terrorists stone Israeli cars and buses in Judea and Samaria. IDF soldier reportedly stabbed.


The news is replete today with the usual cast of characters making their usually outrageous statements:

1. Tzipi Livni, commenting on PM Netanyahu’s new measures to combat the violence in Judea and Samaria:

“When Netanyahu says that we are dealing with rioters and not ideological crime, it indicates one of two things – either he doesn’t understand what is happening here, or he doesn’t want to deal with this extremist ideology . . .”

Bravely spoken Tzipi, after all you are the one who constantly expounds the extremist ideology of the left and travels the world committing the ideological crime of delegitimizing Israel in every forum.

Livni laughing it up with her Palestinian friends.

2. Mahmoud Abbas’s spokesman, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, commenting on the arson that took place at a mosque in Kfar Burka and an abandoned mosque on Strauss Street in Jerusalem:

“The arson attack on the mosques . . .is a declaration of war.”

Bravely spoken Nabil, after all it was the PLO/Palestinian Authority that oversaw the wholesale destruction of 24 vacant synagogues following the forced evacuation of the Jewish communities of northern Gaza by the Israeli government in 2005.

Palestinians burning down a vacant synagogue in northern Gaza--one of 24 synagogues the Palestinians, under the supervision of the "Palestinian Authority", razed to the ground. The world did not say one word about this wanton destruction.

3. Hilary Clinton, commenting on whether Newt Gringrich’s remark concerning the Palestinians being an invented people is ‘helpful’:

“No [it isn’t].”

Bravely spoken Hilary, after all you are the one who has never made a “helpful” comment concerning Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, and in fact has spent years excoriating Israel for construction of Jewish homes, schools, and hospitals in communities in Jerusalem and elsewhere–thereby causing the Palestinians to completely withdraw from the peace process.

Hilary Clinton--constantly traveling the Arab world and never missing the opportunity to criticize Israel.


The following news item appeared in Time Magazine on December 15, 1975. Note how little has changed in 36 years:

“This is anti-Israel festival week,” groaned one foreign ministry official in Jerusalem. To a large extent, he was right. At the United Nations last week, Yasser Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organization won a stunning diplomatic victory that came as a sharp defeat for the increasingly isolated and friendless Israelis. In effect, the Security Council virtually recognized the P.L.O. as the government in exile of a potential state equal in international standing to Israel.”


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