Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Lands In Jerusalem And Declares Himself A Zionist!

UPDATE: Palestinian stone throwers in Jerusalem injure Israelis. There are reports that Palestinians set fire to a synagogue in Ramle. Israelis have lit the first candle for Chanukah.


This evening, as the first candle of Chanukah is being lit by Israelis, comes the astonishing news that Egypt’s radical Islamist party, Salafi Al-Nour (winners of about 30% of the vote in Egyptian elections in recent weeks), wants to respect the Egyptian peace treaty with Israel. The news is being carried by the leftists in the Israeli media–and indeed by media around the world–all eager to show that the radical Islamists that are taking over the Arab world are not really so radical after all.

This is the same Islamist Salafi Al-Nour that campaigned on a platform of abrogating the peace treaty with Israel and that led the demonstrations against Israel that resulted in the attack on the Israeli embassy in Cairo. Are we to suddenly believe that the leopard has miraculously changed its spots?

Well . . . not really. If you read the fine print, what Salafi Al-Nour actually has said is that it wants to reexamine the “Palestinian clauses” of the Egypt-Israel peace agreement–and if those clauses are rewritten to Salafi’s satisfaction then the peace treaty will be respected.

Meanwhile “senior diplomatic sources” in Israel are falling all over themselves to embrace Egyptian Islamists reaching out especially to Salafi Al-Nour and the Muslim Brotherhood (the latter won almost 40% of the recent vote). One such official had this to say yesterday:

“We should make every effort to explain that we are not the enemies of the Egyptian people or enemies of the Palestinians. The Palestinians cannot continue to hold the Arab world by the tail.”

Is this some sort of strange Chanukah joke? Do Israeli diplomats really believe that a miracle will occur and that Egyptian Islamists will see the “light”? Is it really possible that the persuasive abilities of Israeli diplomats will convince those dedicated to the destruction of Israel  that Israel is the friend of Egyptians and Palestinians?  And that somehow, the Arab world will abandon its embrace of the Palestinians and instead embrace Israel?

As much as your humble servant would like to believe in miracles, he believes that the likelihood of any such miracle taking place with the Egyptian Islamists is about the same likelihood of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad landing in Jerusalem tomorrow morning and declaring himself a Zionist. 


On December 20, 1948 Canada recognized the new state of Israel.

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