“Israel Fires Katyushas at Israel To Destabilize Lebanon”

UPDATE: Peace-seeking Mahmoud Abbas is in Turkey this morning meeting with 12 ‘heroic’ criminal Palestinian terrorists who were freed in the Schalit exchange and deported to Turkey.


Israeli firefighters battling a blaze caused by the latest Hezbollah Katyusha rockets fired from Lebanon.

Lebanese Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn told the Lebanese newspaper Daily Star yesterday that the Katyushas that were fired at Israel recently from southern Lebanon were fired by Israel. Yes dear reader, you read that right.

Ghosn went on to say: “The party that has launched mysterious rockets from the south is known. Lebanon’s enemies, namely Israel, have no interest in the continuation of calm and stability in the south.”

Stop and think about this for a moment. How could anyone possibly believe that Israeli agents slipped into Hezbollah controlled south Lebanon, somehow got hold of Katyusha rockets, and then fired them at Israeli men, women, and children in northern Israel–all so that Lebanon could be destabilized?

We could all just have a good laugh at Ghosn’s ludicrous comments except for the fact that the Lebanese, just like the uneducated masses of the Arab world who are incapable of critical thought, just like the Arab apologists around the world who see an Israeli conspiracy behind every tree, have no problem believing this preposterous nonsense whatsoever. Ghosn’s comments are being somberly reported around the Arab world and in the Western media this morning “as is”–with no critical commentary.

It won’t be long until we hear Ismaniyeh fabricating that the IDF has slipped into Gaza and is firing missiles at the citizens of southern Israel, followed by Ahmadinejad babbling that Israeli agents are building the nuclear facilities in Iran so that they can fire nuclear bombs at Tel Aviv, followed by Egypt dissembling about how Israel is organizing terror groups in the Sinai so that they can cross the border and kill Israelis along the Egyptian border.

Sometimes your humble servant just wants to scream at the world.


On December 21 1860, Henrietta Szold was born in Baltimore, Maryland–and very early on expressed an interest in all things Jewish and Zionist. Beginning in 1893, she worked for the Jewish Publication Society, a job she kept until she traveled to the land of Israel in 1909.

Returning to the United States, Szold founded Hadassah –a women’s organization that energized Zionism– in 1912 and served as its president until 1926 at which time its membership had grown to 38,000 members. In 1933, she immigrated to the land of Israel for good and immediately went to work running Youth Aliyah, an organization that rescued 30,000 Jewish children from Nazi Europe.

Henrietta Szold--always on the move--working for Zionism.

Szold was 84 when she died at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, on February 13, 1945 and was buried on the Mount of Olives.

Numerous places in Israel have been named for this amazing Jewish woman ranging from Kibbutz Kfar Szold in the northern Galilee to the Henrietta Szold National Institute for the Behavioral Sciences in Jerusalem. Even Mother’s Day in Israel, the 30th of Shevat, is celebrated on the day that Henrietta Szold died. However, Szold’s most important legacy is the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem which was founded by Hadassah and continues to be largely underwritten by Hadassah until today.

Szold with the first class of nurses who graduated from the Hadassah Hospital.


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