A Woman In Islamic Culture Is The Source of Pride and Honor

UPDATE: Renewed mortar fire from the terrorists in Gaza at 5:30 this afternoon (Friday) signals the resumption of terrorist mortars and rockets following the latest release of terrorist prisoners in the second phase of the Gilad Schalit exchange.


The Egyptian woman beaten and stripped by military police.

Your humble servant was struck once again this morning by how the Western media constantly whitewashes Islam.

Judith Miller, a Fox News contributor, was describing why the recent stripping and beating of a female protestor in Cairo’s Tahrir Square by Egyptian military police was particularly heinous: 

“This is such a stunning thing for women and for Egyptian society because a woman in Arab culture and in Islamic culture is the source of pride and of  honor, and when she is stripped and her body displayed in a public square it’s just a shame for the family, for the tribe, for the city, for the culture, and this is something that will not go way because Egyptian women and men are so angry.”

“A woman in Arab culture and in Islamic culture is the source of pride and honor”? What unadulterated nonsense.

Women in Arab culture and in Islamic culture are nothing more than sources of male embarassment who must be removed from society, forced to procreate, and demeaned at every turn. Last night, your humble servant was walking through a parking lot here in northern California on his way to his favorite Mexican restaurant. As he passed a parked car, he noticed a Muslim man standing beside the passenger door of his car berating (in Arabic) his fully-shrouded wife (eyes not even visible) because she had dared open the door and attempt to get out of the car.  No one, he said, was allowed to see her face to face except him. Face to face?

Islamic female mutilation, Islamic women raped by relatives and then forced to marry them, Islamic girls being forced to marry while children, Islamic women not allowed to vote or drive, Islamic females murdered in honor killings by their fathers and brothers all over the worldthese are all examples of the utter contempt with which Islam treats women.

“A woman in Arab culture and in Islamic culture is the source of pride and honor”? This is the same sort of politically correct nonsense that we usually hear in the same breath as Islam being described as the religion of “peace.”

It is a nonsense that organizations like CAIR attempt to foist on anyone gullible enough to listen. And it is a nonsense being perpetuated by willing foils in the Western media on a daily basis.


On December 23, 1982, Palestinian terrorists detonated a bomb at the Israeli Consulate in Sydney, Australia, wounding two Israeli officials.

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