Your Humble Servant’s Christmas Message For 2011

UPDATE: No terrorist events reported overnight.


The Islamic terrorist troika: Meshaal, Abbas, Haniyeh

There has been much talk in the world media recently about how Islamic terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad have tempered their rhetoric, are “not so radical” anymore, and in fact are “ready to pursue peace” with Israel. All of this wishful thinking is based on the fact that the world saw Hamas and Islamic Jihad reconciling with the “Palestinian Authority” three days ago in Cairo.

The only problem with this “peaceful scenario” is that it doesn’t exist.

In the first place, the “Palestinian Authority” is the wolf in sheep’s clothing that is nothing less than the terrorist Fatah Palestine Liberation Organization whose head, Mahmoud Abbas, has never stopped advocating “armed resistance” against Israel–and did so again on Thursday.

In the second place, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have gone out of their way in recent weeks to spell out exactly what they hope to obtain in any reconciliation with the PLO–and that is an outright takeover of Fatah through a “restructuring and reorganization” of the terror group.

Here’s what Hamas “foreign minister” Osama Hamdan had to say after the Thursday signing: “Anyone who thinks Hamas has changed its positions is living in an illusion. Anyone who thinks Hamas has changed its positions and now accepts the PLO’s defeatist political program is living in an illusion. Hamas cannot make the mistake of joining a process that has proved to be a failed one over the past 20 years. First and foremost, [we are fighting for] the liberation of our lands from the sea to the river and achieving the right of return.”

Another Hamas signer of the agreement, Khalil Abu Leila, said that the task of the provisional Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah  provisional PLO leadership was to “bring the PLO back to its correct path and the goal for which it was established, namely the liberation of Palestine.”

Is anyone listening?

The West is so insistent on pursuing its own agenda of “peace”, an agenda which long ago with the help of the Rabin government delusionally placed the mantle of “peace seeker” on the terrorist PLO, that it refuses to acknowledge the reality that the PLO, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad will never be partners for peace with Israel.

Your humble servant’s message of this Christmas of 2011 is simply for the world to wake up and see the PLO, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad for what they are–Islamic terrorist organizations more dedicated than ever to the destruction of Israel.


A final note:

To all of you who celebrate the holiday, your humble servant wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

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