231 And Counting: Tolerating The Intolerable

UPDATE: Palestinian terrorist Qassam rocket strikes Israel Wednesday morning.


A Palestinian qassam rocket: a simple and effective form of terroism

Think about today’s update.

Your humble servant wonders whether you dear readers have a tendency (like those in central and northern Israel) to become inured to what is happening in southern Israel. Each day that goes by brings another rocket attack–yet the Israeli media and the world media seem to blithely ignore this terrorism that shakes the emotional foundations of every man, woman, and child in this region of Israel.

As of this morning, 231 qassams, grads, and mortars have struck southern Israel since the supposed ceasefire on August 26. 93 qassams, grads, and mortars have struck southern Israel since another supposed ceasefire on November 2.

Think about this latter number: 93 projectiles have struck southern Israel in the last 58 days–a rate of 1.6 per day.

Can you even begin to imagine what it is like to live in a situation in which you are under constant bombardment–when you never know when the next impending rocket siren will go off and when you never know where the next projectile will strike–when you never know if you or your children will be the next casualties? The emotional toll from this daily assault is simply incalculable.

Every time you see that another Palestinian terrorist rocket has struck southern Israel, think about what your reaction would have been if that rocket had been aimed at you and your family.

Would you tolerate the intolerable? Why does Israel?


On December 28, 1993, the Vatican and Israel established full diplomatic ties for the first time. One wonders why it took the Vatican 45 years to agree to this relationship. 










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