Happy New Year Israel From Hamas, Egypt, Iran, and Jordan!

UPDATE: Violence continues between anti-Zionist ultra-orthodox and Israeli police.


Happy New Year's Day from Israel!

The first day of 2012 is almost over in Israel. What wonderful news it has brought and what an excellent year we have to look forward to!

~During the rush hour this morning, Palestinian Hamas terrorists in Gaza fired phosphorous mortar shells that struck at the residents of southern Israel in the Eshkol Regional Council. The Palestinians continue to upgrade their weaponry in the absence of any significant IDF response.

~A statement was issued by the Islamist Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (that has won approximately 50% of the recent elections) this morning  that it will never recognize Israel: “On no condition will we recognize Israel. It is an enemy Zionist entity, an exploiting, criminal occupier.” Weren’t we all assured that Egypt would continue to honor the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty?

~Iran announced that it has domestically produced its first nuclear fuel rods and it has already inserted them into the core of a nuclear reactor in Tehran. Meanwhile the Iranian navy test-fired medium range missiles out in the Persian Gulf. So much for the sanctions against Iran.

~Jordan announced that it has agreed to become the new home of families of Hamas leaders who were living in Damascus–on the condition that Hamas will not engage in political activity in the country (your humble servant is laughing out loud at this condition!).  Jordan further announced that relations between Hamas and Jordan have been “normalized”. Jordan continues its slide toward an Islamist state .   .   .  Not surprisingly, PM Netanyahu announced this morning that once the security fence with Egypt is finished, a new security fence will be erected along the Jordanian border.

~Jordan’s embrace of Hamas and the Palestinians’ push for a UN Security Council resolution to stop Jewish construction in Jewish communities in Jerusalem notwithstanding, a meeting between Israeli Yitzhak Molcho, and his Palestinian counterpart Saeb Erekat is scheduled to take place in Amman within the next 48 hours under the auspices of Jordan and the Quartet (United States, Russia, European Union and the United Nations). Maybe they can time the meeting to coincide with Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal’s arrival.

While we all hope the changing of the year will bring peace to Israel, the truth– as we all know– is simply that the more things change the more they stay the same.

Happy New Year dear readers!


On January 1, 1952 seven Palestinian terrorists attacked a home in the neighborhood of Beit Yisrael and killed a 19 year old girl in her home.






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