The Palestinians: Working Harder Than Ever For ‘Peace’

UPDATE: The IDF admits that its ability to attack terrorists has been compromised by Hamas’ acquisition of anti-tank missiles–an acquisition that continues unabated. Three more Palestinian Qassams struck southern Israel last night.


The usual cast of characters led by Hillary Clinton is pushing Israel to take "bold steps" for peace. What a joke.

The absurd push to negotiate ‘peace’ with the Palestinians is on again. As always, the pressure on Israel is being applied by four separate entities: the Quartet, the United States’ State Department (speaking for itself), the European Union (speaking for itself), and the laughingly called ‘moderates’ of the Arab world–this time led by the same Jordan that has just embraced Islamist Hamas.

As readers of this blog realize, this push for peace is doomed to failure because the Palestinians have never made even one concession for peace. But more than this, your humble servant thought it might be interesting to merely review what actions the ‘peace-seeking’ Palestinians have taken for peace in the last few weeks.

Israel’s security organization, Shin Bet, released statistics yesterday showing that 81 Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israelis occurred in December–a 100% increase over the number of attacks in November. Most of these were attacks that you never read about in the media–stabbings, Molotov cocktails, arson, and attempted kidnappings. Twenty five of the terrorist events occurred in Jerusalem.

106 more Palestinian terrorist rockets and mortars have been fired by Islamist Hamas at the residents of southern Israel since November 2.  Two phosphorous mortars and at least three rockets were fired in the last 24 hours alone.

At the same time, Palestinian “peacemakers” are launching an unprecedented ‘diplomatic’ and judicial attack against Israel slated to begin on January 26th (as reported in Ha’aretz):

1. Pushing the United Nations Security Council to pass a resolution condemning construction of Jewish homes, schools, and health clinics in Jewish communities in Jerusalem.

2. Pushing for the International Criminal Court in the Hague to try Israel for ‘war crimes’ related to Israel’s Operation Cast Lead into the Gaza Strip to stop the rain of terrorist rockets into southern Israel.

3. Encouraging individual Palestinians to file lawsuits against Israelis in western courts.

4. Pushing in Switzerland for a reconvening of the signatories of the Fourth Geneva Convention to apply articles of that document to  Judea and Samaria.

5. Asking the UN General Assembly and/or the UN Human Rights Council to send an international fact-finding committee to Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria to probe the issue of Israeli construction in Jewish communities.

6. Renewing efforts in the U.N. to secure full-membership for “Palestine.”

7. Organizing and carrying out mass rallies against Israel throughout Judea and Samaria–as well as within Israel proper.

. . .

In sum, the utter absurdity of Israel sitting down with the PLO/Hamas  to reach a ‘peace agreement’ strains the imagination. How in the world can anyone demand that Israel negotiate with an entity which is openly attacking Israel with terrorism–not to mention with diplomatic and judicial offensives?


On January 2, 1968, Golda Meir succeeded in uniting the three main Israeli labor groups Mapai, Achdut Ha’Avodah, and Rafi, into one new “Labor” political party.

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