Israel’s Remarkable Shin Bet Strikes Again

UPDATE: Palestinian terrorists assault Israeli bus near Kfar Azun just east of Qalqilya with Molotov cocktails.


If your humble servant mentions the “IDF”–you undoubtedly know that I am referring to “the Israel Defense Forces.” Similarly, if I mention “Mossad”, the whole world knows that I am referring to Israel’s vaunted foreign intelligence service.

However, there is another devastatingly effective Israeli security service operating in Israel, Judea and Samaria, and in Gaza which is much less well known outside of Israel: the Sherut ha Bitachon ha Klali–better known  by its acronym “Shabak” or by its Hebrew abbreviation “Shin Bet”.

Shin Bet’s logo is “Magen Velo Yera’e”–“the defender that shall not be seen”. And indeed, the Shin Bet’s operations have never been publicized. It is believed that Shin Bet has three operational arms: the Arab Affairs Department, the non-Arab Affairs Department, and the Protective Security Department. Even though Shin Bet is a security agency, it does not answer to the Israel Ministry of Defense–instead it answers directly to the Prime Minister of Israel.

Three of Shin Bet’s main missions are safeguarding state security, exposing terrorist rings, and providing intelligence for counter terrorism operations in Gaza and in Judea and Samaria.  How does Shin Bet accomplish this? Primarily through a sophisticated network of informants consisting of local residents, and Israelis who have been undercover so long that they are thought to be local residents.

For example, how do you think that the Israel Air Force is able to pinpoint and strike a member of Hamas or Islamic Jihad who has hopped on his motorcycle and is speeding through Gaza?

All of which brings your humble servant to the following small news item appeared in the Jerusalem Post this morning:

Terror suspects arrested in Beersheba

“Security forces apprehended two Palestinian terror suspects overnight following intelligence received on alleged plans to attack Israeli civilians. One of the suspects, from Jenin, was arrested in an apartment he was using as a hideout in Beersheba, after security forces received intelligence that he was planning to stab local residents. The arrest was carried out jointly by police, Border Police and the Shin Bet.”

What this really means is that Shin Bet agents remarkably infiltrated terror cells in Jenin and Gaza and tracked members of those terror cells to Beersheba.

Actions like these are crucial for the safety of Israeli citizens and for the safety of the country itself.  The Shin Bet is an extraordinary part of Israel’s network of protection.     


On January 4, 1948, the major battle for the Western Wall in Jerusalem was fought between Jordanians and Israelis.

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