Yahweh’s Warriors: Fighting The Battle For Israel

UPDATE: IDF arrests four Palestinians at the Salem checkpoint near Jenin carrying improvised handgun, ammunition, and 11 pipe bombs.


Yahweh's warriors from a messianic Alabama church--(pastor on right: note the tzittzit coming out from under his shirt)

You meet friends of Israel in the strangest places.

Two days ago on Friday at about 3 pm, your humble servant and his wife had pulled into a rest stop on I-26 south between Columbia and Charleston, S.C. Looking to our left, we saw a large red Ford 150 pick-up truck with a menorah decal on the cab back window under which was another decal that read “Yahweh’s Warriors”.

Naturally, I went over to take a closer look at this decal and discovered that there was a man seated in the passenger side of the front seat. When I told him that I admired his decal, he smiled and thanked me; when I told him that I was from Israel, he sprang out of his seat and jumped out of the truck–shaking my hand and embracing me.

He told me that he was a member of a “messianic” Christian church in Grand Bay, Alabama and was on his way to Charleston to do some work for his business. His pastor, he said, was in the restroom facilities at the rest stop and would be coming out shortly.  I asked him if he had ever been to Israel–and he said “not yet” but that his greatest hope in life was “to visit Israel and support the Israeli people.”

Moments later his pastor joined us, wearing a camouflage T-shirt and shorts–along with tzittzit! He told me that he carried his tallit inside his truck.  We talked a bit more before we had to go.  I learned that there is a vast network of messianic churches throughout Alabama whose members celebrate Shabbat and the Jewish holidays–and whose members focus on helping Israel in any way that they can.

We thanked both of our new-found friends for their support and returned to our car. The last thing I heard as we got back in our car was a hearty “Thank God For Israel”–and then “Shabbat shalom!”

In a world gone crazy with criticism of Israel, such unconditional support and love of Israel is heartwarming and greatly appreciated–thank you to Yahweh’s Warriors! Keep fighting the good fight!

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