100,000 Tons Of Cement Transported to Islamist Gaza In September

UPDATE: Yet another Qassam missile fired by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza struck at the families of southern Israel’s Eshkol region last night. There are flood alerts throughout Israel due to heavy rains; the road to Mt. Hermon is closed because of snow.


How many times do we have to hear that the poor Palestinians in Gaza are under siege and cannot even get enough concrete into the country to build houses for its ever increasing population?

It makes a good story doesn’t it?

Visions of overcrowded apartments, people living in makeshift huts, children wallowing in unhygienic conditions–all brought to the world by the European Union, the Arab League, the rulers of Palestinian Islamist Gaza, and especially by the United Nations’ despicable, propagandistic, self-serving arm in Gaza, UNRWA. 

If only it were true–then we could really feel sorry for those poor Palestinians.

Hotels like this one are going up all along Islamist Gaza's Mediterranean coast.

Unfortunately for the propagandists and storytellers, however, Gaza construction is booming. Huge building projects have been completed over the last three years of everything from residential apartment buildings to grand hotels. One of the newest projects is along Al-Rashid Road, more popularly known in Gaza as the Beach Road where a huge pedestrian promenade with tourist attractions and parking lots is currently being built.

And how is this being accomplished under the terrible Israeli siege? In the first place, as a Hamas official pointed out last month, there is no siege. Israeli food and construction flow daily across the border by the truckload. Some 10,000 pounds of cement was transported to Gaza from Israel this past September.

But this Israeli cement is more expensive than Egyptian cement. So, it was revealed yesterday that four months ago, during this past September alone, some 90,000 tons of cement were tunneled in from Egypt (through those same smuggling tunnels that the IDF claims that it bombs every time a missile is fired at citizens of southern Israel from Gaza).

Think about it: 100,000 tons in September, 1.2 million tons a year. It’s a pretty picture isn’t it? Or is it? Apparently the European Union, the Arab League, the rulers of Palestinian Islamist Gaza, and especially the United Nations don’t think so. They prefer the fantasy of the Palestinians wallowing in misery.  


Ninety recruits of the Paratroopers Brigade–in Jerusalem for their swearing in ceremony at the Western Wall–marched with their unit’s banners through the Muslim Quarter in Jerusalem’s Old City Thursday evening. They waved their banners on the roof of a building in the quarter and chanted “Am Yisrael Chai (Nation of Israel lives)” and “We can trust no one but our father in heaven.”

Paratroopers in the Old City (Photo: Gil Yohanan)

How did the IDF of  Gantz and Barak react? The IDF Spokesperson’s Office stupidly and predictably commented:

“Unfortunately a group of civilians chose to take advantage of this dignified event (swear-in ceremony) to create a provocation intended for the media. The fact that media outlets were invited to cover the event proves this was a planned provocation.”

Since when is it a provocation for IDF paratroopers to proudly march through a section of their country chanting Am Yisrael Chai?


On January 13, 2003, Zhang Minmin, a 50 year old Chinese citizen, died of injuries in a Tel Aviv hospital. Eight days earlier, two Palestinian suicide bombers detonated themselves outside the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station. 23 Israelis and foreign tourists were blown to pieces.  Zhang Minmin was the final one to succumb.


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