Ban Ki-moon: A Perfect U.N. Secretary General

UPDATE: An IDF force has just been fired upon near Deir al Balah. No further reports. The Izz al-Din al-qassam Hamas military terrorist wing has just published targeting information on its website for terrorist missile launchers attacking southern Israeli communities including aerial photographs, addresses of community leaders, and structural targets of interest.


Ban Ki-moon blasting Israel in Beirut yesterday (presumably 'guarded' by a Hezbollah security officer).

Your humble servant had first thought to include the following remarks of U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon under the heading “Stupid Quote of the Day”, but his remarks are so egregious that they deserve their own blog.

The head of the United Nations was in Beirut yesterday to address a conference laughingly entitled “Reform And Transitions To Democracy”. Organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), the conference ostensibly has the purpose of touting democratic reform in the Arab world.

Never mind that there is no democratic reform in the Arab world–and that every so-called ‘democratic’ movement has been hijacked by non-democratic Islamist groups, and never mind that the conference is being held in Hezbollah controlled Lebanon (where U.N. peacekeeping forces are regularly being attacked by Hezbollah), here comes Ban Ki-moon to keynote–what is in reality–another U.N. sponsored Israel bashing conference.

Here’s how Moon kicked off his remarks about democratic reform in Arab countries:  “The Israeli occupation of Arab and Palestinian territories must end. So must violence against civilians.”

Did you read that carefully? The Israeli occupation of Arab and Palestinian territories.

Since we all obviously know what Moon means by “Palestinian territories”, let’s explore what he meant by “Arab territories”?   The obvious inference given the Beirut location of his remarks is that Moon was referring to the Sheba Farms that Hezbollah claims–or to the Golan Heights that Hezbollah’s friend Syria still hopes to acquire. But who knows? In Ban Ki-moon’s universe, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Ashdod, and Ashkelon are nothing but occupied Palestinian territory.

And what about Moon’s “Israeli violence against civilians”?

The only civilians being attacked are the men, women, and children of southern Israel who are being violently attacked by Palestinian terrorist Hamas every day–3 Qassams in the last three days. And the civilians of northern Israel who were on the receiving end of four Hezbollah rockets a couple of months ago.

Let’s be honest, dear reader: Ban Ki-moon is a perfect Secretary General of the United Nations simply because he is a disgusting excuse for a human being. He never misses an opportunity to pander to his friends in Islamist Hezbollah and Hamas and elsewhere in the Arab world. 


On January 15, 2009, the IAF bombed a house in Jabaliya, killing the Qassam Brigades commander named Mohammed Watfa and Palestinian Interior Minister Said Seyam. The fight goes on. 

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