Israeli-Arab Knesset Members: Arduously Working From Within To Destroy Israel

UPDATE: Palestinian terrorists in Islamist Hamas Gaza fire qassam rockets at Israeli civilians three separate times last night. No reports of physical injuries; impossible to calculate the emotional trauma suffered by victims of these attacks.


Tibi speaking in Ramallah on 'Shahid Day'

First we had Israeli-Arab Israeli Knesset Member Ahmed Tibi speaking at the PLO organized “Shahid (Martyr) Day” in Ramallah last week praising ‘shahids’:

“The shahid is honored throughout the history of nations. He is the one who blazed the trail for us. He paved the path to liberty with his blood. . . [the shahid] is the symbol of the homeland . . . our best wishes to the thousands of our nation’s shahids – also to those who operated abroad and those who operated in 1948.”

What does everyone in the Arab world understand when they hear the word “shahid”? They know that “shahid” refers to a person who is willing to kill himself in order to murder as many civilians of the “enemy” as possible. In the last three decades, “shahid” and “suicide bomber” have been synonymous.

Zoabi (far left) at her meeting with Dwaik (far right)

Then we have had it revealed that Israeli-Arab Knesset member Hanin Zoabi, who was on the Turkish IHH terrorist fauxtilla, visited Islamist leader Aziz Dwaik (variously spelled Duwaik and Dweik) of Hamasthe same organization that fired three rockets at southern Israel last night trying to kill Israeli men, women, and children. Here’s what Zoabi had to say about her meeting with Dwaik:

“The entire world recognizes Hamas now and I think it’s time Israel did so as well. We [Israeli Arabs] don’t consider Hamas to be a terror organization.”

“The entire world recognizes Hamas?Well certainly all of the Arab world and Zoabi’s European friends do. “We don’t consider Hamas to be a terror organization?” This is the Arab-Israeli message of Zoabi.

From right to left: Ganaim, Dwaik, and Sarsur

And now it turns out that we had two more Israeli-Arab Knesset Members, Msud Ganaim and Ibrahim Sarsur, visiting Dwaik after he had been released from an Israeli prison–even before Zoabi’s visit. What do Ganaim and Sarsur have to say?

“As [a] political [figure he] should never have been arrested . . .  They [Hamas] have a right as occupied individuals to fight for life in dignity.”

“A political figure?” Dwaik is a critical part of the Hamas infrastructure. “Occupied?”  Even Hamas itself says that Gaza is not occupied.Fight for life in dignity?” What Ganaim and Sarsur mean is that Hamas has a right to try to destroy Israel. 

I want you to consider this question, dear reader: what are the limits of free speech? Imagine that your country is under daily rocket and terrorist attack from an organization–an organization that is dedicated to the eradication of your country and the murder of your country’s people (including you). How would you feel if legislators in your country’s legislature openly consorted with that organization, defending them and praising their efforts? 

That is the situation facing Israel.

By the way, Aziz Dwaik was arrested again yesterday on suspicion of supporting terrorist activity.


On January 20, 1957 the Israeli Air Force’s Scorpion Squadron (itself an outgrowth of 20 Spitfires from Israel’s ‘First Fighter’ squadron) was dissolved as a fighting unit and incorporated into the “Flying Wing Squadron, which is today known as “The Defenders of the South.”  The Scorpions were one of the most decorated air groups of the 1956 War.

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