“The Holy City of Jerusalem, The Capital of Israel”

UPDATE: Palestinian terrorists fire on IDF soldiers in Ramallah overnight. Terrorists escape.


Today, your humble servant is giving a presentation in a local synagogue entitled “Jerusalem: The Undivided Capital of Israel.”

Apparently that makes me a racist.

Earlier this month Reuven Rivlin, the speaker of the Israeli Knesset, sent a “Happy New Year” letter to parliamentary speakers around the world. The letter began by saying that Rivlin was writing from “The Holy City of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.”

This morning, Jordanian Parliament Speaker Tahar al-Massri revealed that he had returned the letter to Israel’s ambassador to Jordan, Daniel Nevo. In returning it, Massri specifically objected to Rivlin calling Jerusalem “the capital of Israel” calling such terminology “racist and biased.”

Your humble servant doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry about the fact that these comments are coming from a Jordanian leader. Of course, Massri counts on the world (as always) forgetting what happened back in 1948 when Jordan starved the Jewish Quarter into submission and forced it to surrender.

Jewish girl, Rachel Levy, 7, fleeing from street with burning buildings as the Jordanian Arabs sack Jerusalem after its surrender. May 28,1948. Photo courtesy of Life Magazine and John Phillips.

Between 1948 and 1967, the Jordanians ransacked and looted 57 ancient Jewish synagogues, libraries and centers of religious study were ransacked. 12 of these synagogues, libraries, and centers were totally destroyed-including the famous Hurva synagogue which was dynamited and blown to bits. Those that remained standing were graffitied and used for housing people and animals. The Western Wall became a slum.

Israel pleaded with the United Nations and the international community to stop this wanton and wholesale destruction of the Jordanians–to no avail. Unsurprisingly, the international community did nothing.

Talk about racist. Under Jordanian occupation, no Jew was allowed into the Old City of Jerusalem.

Jewish families being forced to leave the Old City through Zion's Gate. June 1948. Photo courtesy of Life Magazine and John Phillips.

The commander of the Jordanian legion who carried out the destruction and ethnic cleansing, Abdullah Tal, had this to say:

“For the first time in 1,000 years not a single Jew remains in the Jewish Quarter. Not a single building remains intact. This makes the Jews’ return here impossible.”

How wrong he was. How little he understood the Jewish attachment to Judaism’s holiest city. 19 years later, Israel captured the Jewish quarter and all of Jerusalem. 

Jerusalem is Israel’s eternal capital whether Jordan and the world like it or not.


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