The International Red Cross: A Subsidiary of Islamist Hamas

UPDATE: Russia has just announced that it is sending 36 combat jet aircraft to Syria. No terrorist activities reported in Israel overnight.


The ICRC: operating at the behest of Hamas

The Jerusalem Police announced today that two wanted Palestinian Hamas terrorists–Khaled Abu-Arafa and Muhammad Totah–were arrested yesterday when undercover police officers entered the Red Cross compound in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem and charged the men with engaging in terrorist activities in Jerusalem.

The men had been hiding for the last year and a half in the Red Cross building.

Well, not exactly hiding.

Palestinian Hamas operatives holding a press conference at the International Red Cross building in Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in 2010.

The terrorists apparently showed up a year and a half ago and asked the Red Cross if they could use the Red Cross property for a “protest”. The Red Cross proceeded to provide the men with electricity and a water cooler for their large “protest tent” on Red Cross “grounds” just outside the main Red Cross building.

But the “protest tent” was just for “show” during the day.

For their living comfort, the Red Cross also provided the men with a bedroom and bathroom inside the building. And . . . the Red Cross facilitated daily visits from the mens’ family members bringing food and clothes.

When asked about this aiding and abetting of Hamas terrorists, the spokeswoman of the “International Committee of the Red Cross for Israel and the Occupied Territories” said this: “We don’t have anything to say about them. Our work is only related to humanitarian issues.”

She went on to disingenuously add that the police could have come at “any time to arrest them” because the Red Cross does not have “diplomatic immunity.”

By the way, when the police entered the Red Cross building, they found it was festooned with posters of Hamas terrorists superimposed on a picture of the Al-Aksa Mosque–and a banner applauding the so-called “protest” of Abu-Arafa and Totah.

The ICRC is a pathetic joke. It never misses an opportunity to undermine Israel and provide the world media with any information it can to discredit Israel.

One final note: all of this was taking place in the same Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood that the international community so desperately seeks to stop Jews from living in–despite the fact that Jews have always lived in the neighborhood. More on this tomorrow (unless events intervene) . . . 


On January 23, 1938, Jerusalem residents Ephraim Brin (19) and Aziz Jacob (17) became the first Jews to be sentenced under the newly created British Military Court.

Each was sentenced to five years in prison.

Their crime? They had one gun and several rounds of ammunition to protect themselves against Arab attacks.


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