Around Our Israeli Neighborhood: The Day In Pictures

UPDATE: Aunt of Hakim Awad gives interview on Palestinian TV praising her nephew as a hero for stabbing the Fogel children and parents to death as they slept–Palestinian TV interviewer “agrees” that the butchery of 3 month old Hadas Fogel was heroic. Palestinian terrorist with knife attacks IDF soldier overnight. Soldier suffers “moderate” wounds.  Palestinian terrorists throwing Molotov cocktails at Israeli vehicles near Shechem (Nablus) as this blog is being written.


Your humble servant has been struck at how events in the neighborhood were so clearly  told in pictures yesterday. He thought he would share some of them with you:

1. The following picture taken by a Reuters photographer perfectly captures what has happened to the so-called “Arab Spring” in Egypt. Yesterday, elections were held for the Upper House of the Egyptian legislature. However, unlike the elections over the last few months for the Lower House, turnout was extremely low.  Why? Your humble servant surmises that it may have been because Egyptians now know that their “democratic” revolution–so easily hijacked by the Islamists–is going nowhere as the military reassumes control.

An Egyptian soldier keeping a wary eye on Egyptian voters yesterday (also note the separate lines for men and women).

2. Another picture taken by a Reuters photographer tells a different story in Jordan. As your humble servant has reported over the last couple of months, Hamas is extremely interested in moving its terrorist headquarters from Damascus to Amman. The Jordanian government has done everything within its power to facilitate the move–even whisking Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal into Jordan to visit his supposedly ailing mother.  Yesterday, we were treated to the scene of two “moderates” in the region–Jordan and Qatar–openly embracing Hamas.

In Amman: from left to right--Khaled Meshaal, Qatari 'heir apparent' Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Jordanian King Abdullah

3. Have you heard, dear reader, that there has been a rash of synagogue fires in Israel over the last three months–especially in synagogues adjacent to Arab neighborhoods? Of course not, because the Israeli media only reports vandalism against mosques–and not the burning down of synagogues. More than this, the Israeli fire authorities seem to be complicit in ascribing blame.

Yesterday morning, a synagogue in Harish–an Israeli town in the lower Galilee region near the Arab city of Umm el-Fahm–was completely burned out.  The synagogue’s Torah scroll, library of holy books, and interior were destroyed in the flames. On October 18, 2011 the old synagogue at Tel Adashim in northern Israel was completely burned out. Again the synagogue’s Torah scroll, library of holy books, and interior were destroyed in the flames.

In all of these cases–including the two above–fire investigators have blamed on “electrical malfunction”. Yesterday, Rabbi Shelly Rafael of the Harish Synagogue said: “It cannot be a short circuit because I saw that a grating had been opened and a window broken.”  He went on to point out that there had been numerous arson attacks carried out by Arabs against the synagogue over the last few years.

A Torah scroll and holy books burned in a recent fire.

4. Finally, a good story.  You may have missed it this week, but northern Israel has experienced heavy (for Israel) snow. Israel’s one ski resort, on Mount Hermon at the Syrian and Lebanese borders has been inundated with skiers–who have caused massive traffic jams trying to reach the ski runs.  That hasn’t stopped the fun as this picture of two Israeli kids playing in the snow indicates (photo courtesy of Haaretz):

Israeli children sledding on Mt. Hermon this week


On January 29, 2004, Elchanan Tenenbaum (an Israeli businessman) and the bodies of 3 IDF soldiers–Benny Avraham, Adi Avitan and Omar Suwaeid–were returned to Israel by terrorist Hezbollah in exchange for 430 Arab terrorists and the bodies of an additional 60 terrorists.

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