How ‘Refreshing’! A Man of Principle And Backbone

UPDATE: The northern Negev area of Sha’ar Hanegev came under Palestinian terror attack again last night from an Islamist Hamas Qassam rocket. No physical injuries were recorded but incalculable emotional distress was inflicted.

Who suffers emotional distress when terrorist Qassams strike? Students like these in a bomb shelter high school in Sha'ar Hanegev.


With 99% of the votes in the Likud primary counted, Benjamin Netanyahu has won 77% of the vote and Moshe Feiglin 23%–almost  the same total as when the two ran against each other in the last Likud primary.  The result is a resounding victory for Netanyahu. 


Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird, the subject of this blog yesterday for his unbelievable speech in support of Israel, paid a visit to Ramallah Tuesday along with Canadian Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty.

During his meetings with Mahmoud Abbas, Salam Fayyad, and Riad Maliki, Baird harshly chided these PLO leaders for not returning to the negotiating table “with no preconditions.” He also pointedly told the Palestinians to abandon their attempt to gain statehood through the United Nations. On the subject of Hamas, Baird declared that the Islamists are a Palestinian terrorist organization. Period.

All of Baird’s comments are fascinating enough, but even more fascinating was the response of an unnamed Palestinian official attending the meetings. When asked by a reporter what he thought of Baird’s tough talk, the official admiringly answered that the group found Mr. Baird’s bluntness “refreshing” [because] “there’s no mistaking where he stands.”  Fascinating.

Remember what your humble servant wrote yesterday about moral clarity? After all the mealy-mouthed, double-talking, weak-kneed “peaceniks”, E.U. “diplomats”, and U.N. “representatives” that endlessly make pilgrimages to Ramallah, it must have indeed been “refreshing” for the Palestinians to listen to someone with principle and backbone.

John Baird places a wreath at Yad Vashem yesterday.

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On February 1, 1959, three Israeli civilians were blown apart by a Palestinian terrorist land mine near Moshav Zavdiel.

On February 1, 2001, Dr. Shmuel Gillis, 42 years old  of Carmel Tzur, was shot and killed by a Palestinian terrorist on the Jerusalem-Hebron highway. In a separate incident, another Palestinian terrorist shot Lior Attiah to death while he was driving near Jenin. Lior  was a 23 year old from Afula.

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