Israel: Where ‘Pro-Democracy’ Means ‘No Democracy’

FURTHER UPDATE (11:53 pm): Palestinian terrorists fire Qassam rocket from Hamas Gaza that hits just south of Ashkelon.

UPDATE: It has been a typical Friday afternoon in Judea and Samaria. The Palestinians trot off to their local mosque, are whipped up into a frenzy by their local imam, head out to various destinations (such as Shiloh and Nabi Saleh today), meet up with their supporters on the Israeli left–many of whom are members of Israeli NGOs– and then they all throw rocks and stones at any Israel security personnel they can find.

The usual Friday scene in Nabi Saleh. Palestinians and leftists attacking the IDF with burning tires and rocks.


Your humble servant has been intrigued by the Egyptian government’s reaction to the “pro-democracy” NGOs operating in the country. Let’s recall what happened: on December 29, 2011, Egyptian soldiers stormed the offices of 18 NGOs searching through computer files and interrogating employees.

Eventually they closed down the offices, and issued arrest warrants for a number of those employees–including 19 Americans, some of whom have now taken refuge in the American Embassy in Cairo.

The charge? Attempting to destabilize the Egyptian government.

Ironically, this is what NGOs attempt to do in Israel to the Israeli government every day of the year. Ever since Benjamin Netanyahu became Prime Minister, there has been a concerted NGO attempt both inside and outside of Israel to destabilize and bring down the Netanyahu government.

But the NGOs do not stop there. They actively work to delegitimize Israel sending their representatives on speaking tours around the world to denigrate and undermine the state of Israel. They do this under the pretense of “promoting democracy”.  And they do it in concert with leftist groups in whatever country they happen to be in.

One of the bogus images on the New Israel Fund website this morning. In the Orwellian language of the New Israel Fund, "Defending Democracy In Israel" actually means " Subverting the Democratic Process In Israel".

A case in point.

Back on January 21st, your humble servant gave a presentation in his northern California city entitled “Jerusalem: The Undivided Capital of Israel.” Three hours after his speech ended, at the Methodist Church across the street, one of the co-founders of the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement made an appearance.

The Sheikh Jarrah presentation was funded by  “The New Israel Fund” (click here for a previous israelstreet blog about this hideous NGO) and sponsored by local leftist groups called “Jewish Peace Alternatives” and “The Peace Coalition”.

What was the subject of the Sheikh Jarrah talk?  Israel’s supposed abuse of human rights and lack of democracy–an absurd charge that the NGOs and leftists use to undermine Israel everyday.

Your humble servant wonders what would happen if organizations like the “Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement” or “Jewish Peace Alternatives” or “The Peace Coalition” (imagine: “The Tahrir Square Solidarity Movement”, or “Islamic Peace Alternatives”, or ” The Egyptian Peace Coalition”) were in Egypt–or any other Arab country. They would be closed down, and their members would be thrown in jail in a second.

And the anti-Israel NGOs claim that “Israel abuses human rights and is not democratic.” What a sad joke.


On February 10, 1949, the first Israeli Knesset convened.

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