“Kassam Explodes On Ashkelon Coast; No Injuries”

UPDATE 10:26 pm: Red sirens currently being heard in Sderot in advance of incoming missiles fired by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza.

UPDATE: Terrorist Qassams fired at southern Israel overnight (see blog today). Anti-aircraft missiles being smuggled to Gaza along with several tons of TNT have been seized in the Sinai. No further information.


As you regular readers of this blog know, your humble servant takes great umbrage over the fact that the Israeli media does a generally awful job of reporting on the constant Hamas missile barrage on the citizens of southern Israel–and over the fact that the IDF does nothing to stop the missile barrage. 

When there is a report, it is usually miniscule–one, maybe two sentences–and almost no details are given. For example, last night two Qassams were fired by the terrorists in Gaza. One blew up in midflight (no mention in today’s news); the other hit several buildings in the Chof Ashkelon (Ashkelon Beach) region.

What follows is an article about the second Qassam that appeared in the Jerusalem Post Online Edition at 1:29 am this morning–along with your humble servant’s interpolated comments.

The title of the article was:

“Kassam Explodes On Ashkelon Coast; No Injuries”

This title suggests that a Qassam (note the variant spelling) rocket somehow exploded. Who fired it? What did it hit? None of this information is given–but we are led to believe that the incident was not serious because there were “no injuries.”

The subtitle of the article:

“IDF says some damage may have been caused to buildings; attack comes after reports that IDF wounded Gaza terrorist.”

Ashkelon rocket damage [illustrative]

Note that despite the picture which shows some of the damage, the subtitle is absurdly unsure that damage was caused: “some damage may have been caused.” 

Note that more than this, the subtitle is already ridiculously rushing to provide a rationalization for why the rocket was fired: “attack comes after reports that IDF wounded Gaza terrorist.”

The main article begins:

“A Kassam rocket exploded on the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council on Friday, causing no injuries. The IDF Spokesman’s Unit said some damage may have been caused to a number of buildings at a settlement in the area.”

Note the continued deliberate attempt to belittle what happened by the reiteration of the “no injuries” and “may have caused” phrases. Does anyone really know who was affected by this missile strike? Was there an emotional toll?

Note also the outrageous use of the word “settlement”. Does the IDF Spokesman’s Unit now refer to the Israeli communities around Gaza as “settlements”? It is bad enough that the Israeli media and IDF are consumed with the idea that the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria are “settlements”; now we have Israeli towns and cities in Israel proper being referred to as “settlements.” It won’t be long until Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are “settlements.”

The article continues:

“No Red Alert siren was sounded prior to explosion, according to Israel Radio.”

Note that the “red alert siren” has become Israel’s answer to the ongoing missile fire. As long as a siren is sounded, then everyone supposedly has time (ranging from 15 to 45 seconds) to race in the middle of the night to a bomb shelter. However in this case, the system failed, just as the Iron Dome system frequently failed several months ago: “No Red Alert siren was sounded”–which means that no one was in a bomb shelter when the missile hit.

The article continues:

“The rocket attack came after Palestinian reports that an Islamic Jihad terrorist was wounded by IDF fire in the northern Gaza Strip late Friday night. One man was lightly injured in the incident near Beit Lahia, Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported citing an Islamic Jihad spokesman.”

Note that the Israel media is desperate to provide a reason why the Qassam was fired. As we all know, the liberal media is always looking for a way to excuse what happened: the terrorist had an unhappy childhood, terrorism is on the rise because the economy is bad, the Hamas missile was fired at Israelis because Hamas doesn’t like the PLO.

The article continues:

“The IDF Spokesman’s Unit said it was unaware of the incident in Gaza.”

What does this mean? Islamic Jihad is lying? The Palestinian news agency Maan is lying? The IDF is lying? –or more likely, that the IDF Spokesman’s Unit doesn’t have the slightest idea of what is going on? In any case, what about the other 33 rockets fired at southern Israel since January 20th? Why were they fired? Your humble servant posits that there is no reason why they were fired except that Hamas and all of its terrorist minions are committed to wiping Israel and Israelis off the map.

The article concludes:

“Last week Gazan terrorists fired at least eight rockets towards the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council. The salvo caused no damage or injuries as the rockets exploded in open fields in the northern Negev region.”

Note again that no one knows anything for sure–especially the Israeli media and the IDF: “at least eight rockets.” But not to worry again, there was “no damage” and no “injuries.”

In sum, your humble servant urges you again, dear reader, to imagine what it is like to have to run to your bomb shelter two or three times a day or night, to not know if your family is safe or not, to know that your government and your army are doing nothing to stop the terrorist launches of missiles trying to kill you–and to know that your situation is constantly being belittled in your nation’s press.

Absolutely pathetic.


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