The New Netanyahu Budget: Ravaging The IDF


Terrorists attack near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi–tossing explosive device under the car of Tal Yehoshua Koren (wife of an Israeli envoy). Koren miraculously only suffers “moderate” shrapnel wounds to her lower torso.

Tal Koren's car

Another terrorist attack against the Israeli embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia thwarted. Bomb discovered and defused. Hezbollah and Iranian terrorists suspected in the attacks which come on the fourth anniversary of the death of Imad Mughniyah.  In Israel, Palestinian terrorists assault Israeli vehicles near Bethlehem with rocks.


Your humble servant is sure that you remember the marches for “social justice” that occurred in Israel over the summer. Thousands of people from all strata of Israeli society demonstrated for such things as fairer housing and food prices. Prime Minister Netanyahu pledged to increase funding for social programs –which he has done in his current budget.

But faced with unfunded fiscal commitments of around 0.75 % of GDP to fund increases in those social programs and a choice of increasing taxes or decreasing military spending to pay for those commitments, Netanyahu has embarked upon a course that ravages the IDF.  At a time when the forces arrayed against Israel have gone on major spending sprees that have brought hundreds of thousands of new weapons aimed at Israeli citizens, the IDF is planning huge cutbacks that leave the citizens of Israel even more vulnerable to attack.

Here is a “short” list of what was revealed yesterday:

1.  700 IDF career officers and non-commissioned officers will be “fired” this year.

2. The purchase of two new Iron Dome Systems to defend southern and northern Israel against Hamas and Hezbollah missiles has been suspended.

3. Development of the David Sling system that targets long range missiles has been suspended.

4. An undetermined number of fighter planes in the Israel Air Force will be grounded.

Soon to be a sight at Israeli AFB's? Grounded fighter planes.

5. The Air Force is exploring the possibility of severely cutting back the flying time of reservists.

6. Ground drills of IDF combat forces are being canceled. Six have already been canceled this year.

7. Orders for Merkava tank components designed to strengthen current tank defenses have been canceled.

8. Acquisition of the next generation Merkava 4 tanks has been completely postponed.

The Merkava 4 tank.

Your humble servant leaves it to you, dear reader, to draw your own conclusions. But one thing is certain: Israel’s enemies are licking their lips and smiling today.


On February 13, 1994, Tzipora Sasson was murdered by Palestinian terrorists while she was driving on the Trans-Samaria Highway near Ariel.  Islamist terrorist Hamas proudly claimed responsibility.

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