What Are They Drinking In Tehran and Washington?

UPDATE: 3 more bomb blasts perpetrated by Iran–this time in Bangkok: four people injured. In one of the blasts, an Iranian terrorist–carrying an Iranian passport–accidentally blew his own legs off while trying to plant a bomb at a Bangkok telephone booth and bus stop.

The aftermath of the Bangkok blast. Note the Iranian terrorist on the sidewalk holding his head up; the stumps of his legs have been blurred.

Remarkably, the terrorist is still alive in a Bangkok hospital. Another Iranian terrorist was captured at the Bangkok airport while trying to escape.


Your humble servant was struck by two pronouncements this morning–one from the Iranian Foreign Minister and the other from the Obama Administration–which in their own ways are remarkable cases of downright stupidity.

First, we had the moronic Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast charging that Israel was responsible for the bombing in India two days ago that wounded the wife of an Israeli envoy, and the attempted bombing of the Israeli embassy in Georgia:

“The Zionist regime has a high record of criminal actions against humanity and it is the first suspect of any terrorist operation in the world. Tehran condemns terrorism in strongest terms as Iran has been a victim of terrorism.”

And why exactly would Israel bomb Israelis? To the cretinous Mehmanparast, the answer is simply that Israel wants to “undermine Iran’s friendly relations” with India and Georgia.

Your humble servant wonders what joke Mehmanparast will offer tomorrow about the legless Iranian terrorist on the Bangkok sidewalk this morning? 

In the final analysis, it is interesting to muse whether the Iranians are just stupid or whether they think that everyone else is stupid too–or both? And to wonder how many people in the world will stupidly believe the stupidity that the Iranians are selling?

Second, your humble servant wonders what “Kool-aid” the Obama Administration is continuing to drink. The Administration seems so intoxicated by its version of what has happened across the Middle East that it continues to stupidly stumble backward in the face of the Islamist takeover of North Africa.

The new Obama budget which came out yesterday includes a $770 million dollar “Middle East and North Africa Incentive Fund” to allow the U.S. “to quickly respond to dramatic changes in the region and incentivize reforms” according to the fact sheet that the State Department produced to accompany the budget request.

Deputy Secretary of State Tom Nides offered these words of wisdom about the budget item:  “We’re in a new world. The Arab Spring has come. We need to make sure we have the tools and the flexibility to fund these initiatives.”

Deputy Secretary Nides posing with Libyans in Tripoli.

Here’s a news flash to the Obama Administration: the Arab Spring has come and gone; Islamists have won every election and taken over every “democratic movement” from Morocco to Egypt. Why can you and I see that dear reader, but the Obama Administration cannot? 

Must be the Kool-Aid. Do you think the Iranian Foreign Ministry is drinking the same stuff?


In terms of the Palestinians, the Obama budget reduces their allotment from $395m. in 2012 to $370m. in 2013. When asked why the Palestinians should receive anything at all–given their reconciliation with terrorist Hamas– Tom Nides facilely commented that “the administration would revisit the issue in 2013” when the money was actually due to be allocated.

In terms of Israel, Obama’s budget requests a $6.3 million reduction in expenditures for missile defense in Israel (the Arrow system). This percentage marks an almost 20% reduction in missile defense allocations over the last two years. What could be more logical now that Israel has some 200,000 missiles pointed its way?


February 14, 1992 is known in Israeli history as the “Night of the Pitchforks”. Palestinian terrorists from the Wadi Ara area penetrated an IDF recruitment training base near Kibbutz Gal’ed in northern Israel. Upon entering the encampment, the terrorists slaughtered squad leader Guy Friedman and two recruits–chopping them to death with axes and pitchforks.


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