“This Is The One We Have Been Waiting For”

UPDATE 10:25 pm. Saturday: Impending rocket sirens heard in Ashdod as Palestinian terrorists attempt to fire Grad rocket at the city. No further information. 

UPDATE: The citizens of southern Israel have been rocketed during Shabbat today with two Qassams fired at the northern Negev, and 1 Grad fired at Beersheva.  Last night Islamist Hamas terrorists fired four more rockets (3 Qassams and 1 Grad). In what has become a sad refrain, all seven of these rockets were fired by the terrorists with complete impunity.

But three cheers for the citizens of southern Israel whose indefatigable spirit was encapsulated by a woman named Tamar in the city of Omer (near Beersheva) this morning who said: “the children were a bit scared, but they are used to sirens. We entered the kitchen and waited till we heard the explosions. We won’t let this ruin our Shabbat.”

Can you imagine having to live in a situation in which your children would be “used to sirens” that are warning of incoming bombs that are trying to kill them? That is the reality of southern Israel.


This is one of those days when your humble servant doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. After years of being played for fools by the Iranians, the West–led by the Obama Administration–has sunk to new levels of idiocy.

Desperately clinging to every crumb of “hope” tossed to them by the laughing Iranians, the West has lost all credibility. Sanctions may have made life somewhat tougher for the Iranian people, but they have done nothing to even slightly slow down the Iranian nuclear juggernaut. Every day brings new revelations of just how far along Tehran is to achieving nuclear weapons.

From the outset, the Iranians have blatantly used the promise of negotiations to buy time. Yes, we will sit down to the table; maybe, we will sit down to the table; no we won’t . . . yes we will–there has been no end to Iranian duplicity. 

And no end to Western gullibility.

Clinton speaking yesterday: the personification of the gullibility of the West.

Yesterday, we saw U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton idiotically welcoming Iran’s latest ruse to “restart negotiations”–negotiations that, of course, have never taken place in the first place. What has passed for “negotiations” has simply been the Iranians sitting around a table with Western representatives refusing to alter their nuclear program in any way.

Nevertheless, hailing the latest Iranian missive as “an important step”, Clinton solemnly intoned: “I think it’s fair to say … that we think this is an important step and we welcome the letter. This is the letter we have been waiting for.”

Absolutely pathetic.


The following excerpt appeared in an article appeared in the Israel Resource Review:

“On February 18th, 2005, during a public presentation for the annual Jerusalem meeting of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations from North America, Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert pointed to Israel’s security situation on the Lebanon as a model which Israel would apply to Gaza and Samaria. Olmert stated that the Hizbullah terrorists now based in Southern Lebanon had accumulated some 15,000 missiles and mortars in Lebanon and that they have never used them against Israel on the Northern border since Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon in May, 2000.”

Of course 17 months later thousands of these terrorist rockets rained down on Israel during Israel’s conflict with Lebanese Hezbollah. So much for Ehud Olmert’s wisdom and foresight.


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