“Palestinian Talat Ramia Murdered By Israeli Forces”

UPDATE (12:00 am Sunday): Palestinian terrorists launch rockets from Gaza at Ein Hashlosha. (11:33 pm Saturday): IDF forces along Gaza border attacked by Hamas terrorists. (10:18) pm Saturday): More rockets fired by Islamist Hamas terrorists at residents of southern Israel.

UPDATE (9:51 pm Saturday): Impending terrorist rocket alert in Ashkelon. (9:50 pm): Two terrorists arrested in Qabalan for throwing “rocks” at Israeli vehicles. (9:45 pm): Red siren rocket alert for northern Negev.

UPDATE (6:45 pm Saturday): Palestinian Hamas terrorists fire Qassam rocket at Ashkelon. Two IDF soldiers brutally attacked by Palestinian terrorists in Haifa.

UPDATE (5:30 pm Saturday): Not surprisingly, there has been little official reportage of all of the rocket and mortar fire on southern Israel yesterday and last night. It is simply not in the government’s interest for it to be publicized that 12 terrorist rockets and mortars pounded the area with little to no IDF response. Thanks goodness for our “unofficial” correspondants on the ground that immediately report what is happening in their communities. Today has seen more Palestinian riots–this time in supposed response to the funeral of Palestinian who was shot and killed by IDF soldiers near the Qalandiya checkpoint yesterday–the subject of today’s blog.


"Peaceful protest" at the Qalandiya checkpoint.

Amidst all the Palestinian missile attacks on Israel and “rock” throwing assaults on Israelis by Palestinians yesterday, the one story that has caught the attention of the world today is the death of 25 year old Talat Ramia (‘Ramia’ alternately spelled ‘Ramaya’, and ‘Ramya’). 

Here are some of the headlines from around the world: “Palestinian Dies After Temple Mount Clashes”, “Palestinian Dies In Fighting Over Jerusalem”, “Palestinian Dies After Clash in West Bank”,  “Talat Ramya Shot In the Heart By Israeli Occupation”, “Talat Ramia Murdered By Israeli Forces.”

All of these stories give the impression that Ramia was nothing more than a peaceful protestor who was suddenly and for no reason shot by an Israeli soldier one time in the torso (reportedly the ‘shoulder’). They all recount that after being taken to a local hospital, Ramia died.

This morning, PLO Prime Minister Salam Fayyad elevated Ramia into a cause celebre by accusing Israeli soldiers of cold-bloodedly killing Ramia, and by accusing the world of being responsible: “The international community’s silence over the Jewish state’s policies against the Palestinian people contributes to the Israeli disregard of Palestinian lives.”

Israeli disregard for Palestinian lives? How many times have you heard Israel accused of that?  No matter how many Israelis are injured or killed by missiles that are randomly shot out of Gaza every day trying to murder Israeli men, women, and children, or how many rock throwing incidents take place every day like the one reported in this blog yesterday, it is only the supposed “Israeli disregard for Palestinian lives” that you hear and read about.

Let’s review what actually happened yesterday.

Tahia Ramia, the newest heroic martyr in the Palestinian pantheon, was (by all accounts) one of about 20 Palestinians protesting at the Qalandiya checkpoint. “Protesting” in this case means that they were pelting security forces with “rocks”, “stones”, and anything else they could find. As usual, the soldiers and police did not retaliate against this “rock-throwing” assault.

However, this particular assault took an even uglier turn when the Palestinians began firing projectiles at the Israelis. Palestinian news accounts this morning would have us believe that the Palestinians were benignly shooting “fireworks” at the soldiers.

A Palestinian (not Ramia) shooting a flare gun at IDF soldiers yesterday.

Tahia Ramia, as it turns out, took out a flare gun and shot at least 5 rounds at Israeli soldiers at nearly point blank range before he himself was shot.

Just so you know, dear reader, what is being discussed when you hear “flare gun”, allow your humble servant to describe it for you. A flare gun is a potentially deadly weapon that shoots a flare composed of potassium nitrate, potassium perchlorate, strontium nitrate or calcium phosphide–usually mixed with other combustible ingredients. It is highly combustible and burns extremely hot for a brief period–so hot that the flare will even burn underwater.

More than this, a flare gun is a 10 gauge gun–which means that its bore is even larger than a 12 gauge shotgun (lower gauge size=larger bore: “elephant guns” were often 10, 8, or 6 gauge). Its power is such that it can fire a flare high enough into the atmosphere to be seen over 50 miles away. It can produce enough blunt-force trauma to break bones, crush tissues, and possibly even penetrate a human body with the flare at which point the target would have have an object burning at many hundreds of degrees inside his or her body.

Again, a flare gun is a deadly weapon. And Tahia Ramia was firing his rounds at Israeli soldiers and police at almost point blank range. 

Tahia Ramia is a terrorist who came to Qalandiya yesterday with a weapon designed to inflict grievous bodily harm at the least, and to kill at the worst.  Israeli security personnel acted in self-defense to protect their lives. No amount of dissembling by the Palestinian leadership or world media will change the facts.


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