Israeli Democracy Run Amok: Benefits for Terrorists

UPDATE (10:22 pm Sunday): Terrorists “stone” Israeli vehicles near Gush Etzion. (8:48 pm): Eshkol Region of southern Israel hit by at least 1 Qassam rocket. No further information.

UPDATE (7 pm Sunday): A Qassam rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists in Hamas Gaza struck at the Eshkol Region Israel at 6:24 this morning. At least 5 Qassams struck Israel yesterday–bringing to 18 missiles and mortars that have struck southern Israel in the last 48 hours. As usual, the IDF has done nothing to stop the rocket fire–preferring instead to bomb empty smuggling tunnels.


“Democracy” is slowly eating Zionism and Israel to death.

It may come as a shock to you, dear reader, but convicted terrorists who hold Israeli citizenship or blue ID cards (such as those living in the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem who refuse Israeli citizenship) are entitled to pension, unemployment, bankruptcy, old-age, surviving relative, accident and disability benefits provided by Israel’s National Insurance Institute.

You read that right. Terrorists who are convicted of plotting and carrying out terrorist attacks against Israelis and the state of Israel are entitled to benefits paid by the very taxpayers they tried to kill.

For example, on Sunday, September 9, 2001, Muhammad Shaker Habeishi blew himself up at the train station in Nahariya killing three Israelis (an artist, architect, and a soldier) and badly wounding 94 more.

The scene outside the Nahariya train station after Habeishi's suicide attack. Personnel looking for body parts.

Habeishi, an Israeli-Arab born in Akko, was middle-aged with three wives and six children. Active in the Islamic movement, Habeishi’s suicide “video” displayed a green and white headbanded Habeishi declaring that he was making a “religious sacrifice.”

Habeishi in his suicide video.

The Israeli public was shocked to learn that Habeishi’s family immediately began receiving a monthly pension of 2800 shekels after Habeishi’s murderous attack–which they continue receiving until this day.

Several months ago, two Israel Beiteinu representatives in the Knesset, David Rotem and Robert Ilatov, proposed legislation that would have completely eliminated all such benefits.

This proposal was met with a storm of protest from leftist NGOs and civil liberties’ groups who decried the notion of eliminating social security benefits “as punishment” for terrorist crimes committed against Israelis and Israel. Social security benefits, they proclaimed, are the “basic right of any person living in Israel.”

As a result, the lawmakers have “softened” their legislation–which passed its first reading in the Knesset Welfare Committee earlier this week. The new law as now written will only “halve” the benefits of terrorists who have been convicted and served at least 10 years in prison for their crime or crimes.

Your humble servant believes it would be nice if all of those organizations on the Israeli left that fight so strenuously for the rights of terrorists would fight equally hard for the rights of victims. The fact that the families of those killed in the Nahariya attack are paying–through their taxes–the family of the person who killed their loved ones is preposterous and yet another example of Israeli democracy run amok.


On February 26, 1975, the Lebanese Sunni politician Maaruf Saad was gunned down in Sidon. His death is widely viewed as the spark that ignited the Lebanese civil war that raged for years and had major ramifications for Israel.




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