The Ugly Face Of Anti-Israel Hatred At The University of California-Davis Last Night

UPDATE (8:52 pm Tuesday): Palestinian Qassam rocket strikes Chof Ashkelon region of southern Israel trying to kill Israeli men, women and children. (8:30 pm) Incoming Palestinian Hamas terrorist rocket sirens heard at 8:30 in Israeli communities closest to Gaza.  (7:56 pm) Shooting reported in Negev village of Hura. No further info.

UPDATE (5 pm Tuesday): No terrorist events reported in Israel during the day or last night.


If you ever wanted to see how American universities have become bastions of Israel hatred, you should have been at the University of California-Davis last night. Two Israelis, a soldier named ‘Ran’ and a Druse woman named ‘Ranya’, had been brought to the United States on a tour by the pro-Israel advocacy group StandWithUs (SWU) to “tell their stories.” Their program was sponsored at UCD by the campus Chabad group.

By the time the talk was scheduled to begin, approximately 125  students and community members had swarmed into the lecture hall–filling the room to ‘over capacity’–meaning that at least 20 students had to stand against the side and back walls of the room.

Of these 125 attendees, at least half were clearly identifiable as ‘pro-Palestinian’ students (with keffiyehs, Palestinian flags, Free Gaza T-shirts, and other ‘Palestinian’ paraphernalia)Numerous other Palestinian supporters were unable to get in because of fire regulations, stopped by the Cal Aggie Hosts who were supposed to be controlling the event.

Along with the UCD Campus police who had several officers on site.

And so the program began, with the Northern California SWU representative introducing the speakers and the hecklers beginning to heckle. Then the first speaker, the IDF reserve soldier “Ron”, began to speak. As soon as he mentioned the word “Israel”, approximately 40 of the Palestinian supporters who were seated got up and disingenuously walked out (‘disingenuous’ because many of their seats were then taken by the Muslims who had been stopped at the door or who were lining the walls).

And immediately the serious heckling began, led by an Indian student in the back of the room: “How many women have you raped?” “How many children have you raped?” “You are a child molester.” 

You can click on the video that your humble servant made by clicking here (youtube url)

The heckling continued unabated for the next 15 minutes. The speaker did his best to continue, but it was impossible to hear what he was saying.

And the cowering police did nothing. When your humble servant asked one of the police why the police were standing idly by, he answered: “We have been instructed by our superior not to stop hecklers, and if you try to stop the hecklers, we have been instructed to close down the program.”

And the heckling continued . . . but at some point the main heckler apparently tired, and the speakers were able to get through their presentation, presentations punctuated by shouts and insulting laughs from the crowd.

Then the question and answer period started and quickly devolved into accusations of Israeli soldiers killing Palestinian babies and civilians (met with shouts of approval and loud applause from the crowd), and a call for the soldier to refuse to serve. It wasn’t long before the moderator judged that the students were so disrespectful to the speakers and to the rules of procedure that the program had to end.

But the heckling continued as the students streamed out, with several near-altercations occurring between pro-Israel supporters and the jeering students.

All in all, the Israelis are to be commended for remaining calm in the face of such open hostility, yet the program was a sad commentary on the state of affairs on American campuses.



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