The Ugly Face Of Anti-Israel Hatred At The University of California-Davis (Part 2)

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UPDATE: Southern Israel assaulted by Hamas terrorist missile fired from Gaza last night that struck area south of Ashkelon. No physical injuries were reported.


Yesterday, this blog chronicled an ugly incident of anti-Israel bashing that occurred at the University of California, Davis on Monday night. At a program featuring two Israelis, there was a concerted attempt by pro-Palestinian supporters to disrupt the presentation and, in fact, to stop the program altogether. I also reported how the UCD police did nothing to interfere with the hecklers–and told me that any attempt by people trying to listen to the program to remove the main heckler would result in the program’s termination. (Click here for the video posted yesterday).

A number of other details about the incident have emerged overnight–all of which might be useful in your own communities when confronting similar attempts to deny Israeli speakers a voice.

1. The plan of the anti-Israel bashers was twofold:

*to arrive early and fill the room to capacity allowing no other people to enter–and then at a predetermined point to get up and walk out, leaving an empty classroom with no one to listen to the speakers

*and if they were unable to carry out the above plan, to continuously heckle the speakers making their presentation impossible

2. In regard to the first part of the anti-Israel plan, the pro-Israel organizers of the event changed the room at the last minute which forced the anti-Israel forces to show up after many others had already arrived to take their seats.

3. In regard to the second part of the anti-Israel plan, the main heckler, a student from India, indicated after the program had concluded that he was paid $50 by “Muslim students” to heckle so loudly that the program would not be able to continue.

4. A pre-program meeting of the “pro-Palestinian” students took place in the campus classroom in which the program was originally scheduled to take place. In that meeting, there were approximately 100 “pro-Palestinian supporters” including not only UCD students led by Students for Justice in Palestine, but also representatives of the Davis Peace Coalition, the Jewish Voice for Peace, the Davis Committee for Palestinian Rights, American Muslims for Palestine, and the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) movement.  All in all, it was a who’s who of Israel haters and delegitimizers. (Click here to watch a video of this meeting.)

5. Here were comments from two of the speakers:

From the main student leader: “We will make sure that UC Davis knows that events like these are not welcome on our campus anymore.” What ever happened to free speech? Our campuses have become bastions of vicious prejudice.

The DCPR/BDS leader: “We’ve been trying to provide not just balance but advocacy for the unheard voices of the Palestinian people.” If there are any voices that are heard in the world they are the voices of the Palestinian people. Groups like DCPR/BDS have nothing to do with balance; they exist to delegitimize and destroy the state of Israel.

6. The DCPR/BDS leader then exhorted the crowd to become involved in the BDS campaign against the State of California PERS (Public Employees Retirement System) pension fund, and in boycott campaigns against “Israeli and  international companies” such as Caterpillar, Elbit Systems, Veolia, Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy’s, Ahava, and Sodastream.  To date, the boycott campaigns in California have been disastrous failures–including an attempt to have a boycott of Israeli products at our local Davis Food Coop.  Also note that the speaker did not say “Israeli companies in Judea and Samaria” or “international companies doing business in Judea and Samaria”.  DCPR and BDS want all Israeli companies and products boycotted.

7. The DCPR/BDS speaker concluded (with the input of the representative of Jewish Voice for Peace) by encouraging students to pony up 25$ each to attend next month’s Sabeel Conference in Sacramento–an organization he described as “an ecumenical Christian organization”.  In fact, SABEEL is one of the most viciously anti-Israel organizations on the planet.

In sum, Israel supporters ignore alliances between so-called “peace groups”, “ecumenical Christian groups”, left-wing Jewish organizations, Muslim organizations, Palestinian support organizations, and BDS at their own peril. This is particularly true on campuses and in communities which have colleges and universities–many of which have become hotbeds of anti-Israel activities. 


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